Due to the Pandemic, The Town Of Fairplay has canceled all events for the summer of 2020

This event will hopefully return on the last full weekend in July of 2021

In conjunction with the 72nd Annual Burro Days and World Championship Pack Burro Race in Fairplay, Colorado

Location: on the River Events Site across the Platte River from the town of Fairplay on Beach Road , just off US Hwy. 285

Free Admission to visitors Fri-Sat-Sun 10AM to 6PM

CAMP FEE $25 ; Primitive fur trade era dress & camps encouraged ; modern camping & tin tipi parking also available. Pre-1840 primitive dress required to be in camp after 6PM.

No additional fee for traders, but the Town does require a $10 business license- available at the town hall across the river

Black powder shooting, hawk and knife throwing, ladies frying pan toss, Living History classes & demonstrations, story telling, primitive cooking. Storytellers & musicians always welcome!

Above ground fires are permitted if there is no fire ban in effect; be prepared to cook on propane if required. Bring your own wood and water.

Camp Pot Luck Dinner on Saturday Evening

Cannons are allowed; contact the Booshway for further details

All pets on leashes at all times; owners held accountable for damages & cleanup

Further Information:

UTML President Dan "Many Lodges" Delaney 719-355-4684

Booshway Bruce "White Elk" Stenulson 928-287-1459

Segundo John Rubner 303-477-7098