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Making this research material available is also not intended to constitute medical advice, but is meant to inform the reader of information that is being shared by other researchers.

Therefore, the newer anecdotal reports from other researchers on the use of the EM+ systems in private research applications are now primarily available in the books that I offer. That infornation is being offered as reports of experimental applications and anecdotal research results only, and should be accepted as such.

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Here are some of the earlier reports posted prior to 8-09-2003 whitch had been shared by other researchers on the use of the EM+ systems. These are excerpts from the wealth of material that can be found in the EM+ Research Manual that is included with each custom built EM+ research system.

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An Osteopathic MD in the Southeastern US is now using three of the 6C EM+ Systems simultaneously, using 5 different individual noble gases in 6 0f the the large Allred Tripple Bubble tubes simultaneously. He has written up several clinical case studies. Click here to jump to the "C.L. - O.M.D. PAPERS" on a separate page. (Use your web browser's "BACK" button to return here.)

A Suspected West Nile Virus (WNV) Success Story - August 9, 2003

To all "modern-day Rife researchers":

Recently a seriously sick young man in Florida, age 22, decided to experiment on himself with a radiant plasma frequency induction system. He utilized a sequence of experimental vibratory frequencies of 20-second duration each that were repeated over and over again in a computer controlled loop. He began with a non-contact mode and finished with two different contact modes.

He said that he wanted to rid himself of what he suspected was a serious case of WNV. He reports that he believes that he accomplished his goal with only one "modern-day rifing session" which lasted about 90 minutes.

His symptoms were nausea, early morning vomiting accompanied by sharp stomach pain, headache, stuffed up sinuses, stiff neck, occasional sore throat, fever, fatigue, gastro-intestinal complaints, loss of appetite, and difficulty with concentration and memory. He was pale and somewhat bluish and puffy looking. He found out that these symptoms closely resemble those listed on the CDC web site as the symptoms of WNV. See http://www.cdc.gov/ncidod/dvbid/westnile/index.htm

He first experienced this illness after spending a weekend in the north woods of Florida near Cedar Key on the Gulf Coast of Florida. There were lots of mosquitoe bites. This first occasion resulted in an apparent spontaneous recovery in a few days. He wrote it off as "some kind of flu bug" that left him with "a stiff neck and feeling lousy" for a while.

The second time this illness appeared, after a second weekend in the woods, there was no recovery - not even after ten days of sickness. Suspecting WNV, he then decided, on July 21, 2003, to experiment with some "modern day rifing techniques", using vibratory frequencies to kill the virus - an approach that was pioneered by Royal Raymond Rife in the early 20th century.

The young man used a Dell Inspiron notebook computer with the XP Operating System, Home Edition. On it he ran Patrick Robin's F-100 Ver. 1.5 software. This was fed into Patrick's F-155 frequency generator. See http://atelierrobin.tripod.com

The output of the frequency generator was fed into Bruce Stenulson’s 6C EM+ Control System. This device is used to control the power of the frequency signals and is said to have other features built into it in order to achieve effective resonant plasma dynamics that radiate --- according to my Trifield meter --- electrically and electromagnetically from noble-gas-filled tubes connected to output ports of the 6C EM+.

It is my understanding that there is multi-stage signal processing implemented in this 6C EM+ design and operation which differs from a system which only uses an amplifier. For more information see http://stenulson.net/althealth/em6c.htm

The 6C EM+ was fed into three different noble-gas-filled tubes made by Barry Allred -- a three-bubble tube filled with neon, a two-bubble tube filled with "E-Gas" (purple) and a flat spiral tube filled with a blue gas. It is my understanding from some researchers I have talked to that using a Stenulson EM+ system and using various gases simultaneously seems to enhance the effectiveness of this system.

For the first forty-five minutes --- non contact mode --- the young man said that he used the two-bubble and the three-bubble tubes connected in series from the 6C EM+ Control System using a power setting of 1220. Then for almost another forty minutes he said that he used a contact mode utilizing a grounded flat spiral tube as well as the two-bubble tube and the three-bubble tube already mentioned. For this contact mode he lowered the power setting on the 6C EM+ Control System to 600.

Here below is the program and sequence of experimental frequencies that the young man used. Following the program is a fuller description of how the equipment was used and the reactions the young man described and recorded as he was looping through this sequence of frequencies over and over again.

Fatigue, continued paleness, and a continuation of a stiff neck were the only noticeable symptoms that remained immediately after the rifing session. All these symptoms slowly faded away within ten days, he said. The fatigue perhaps took longer. On August 4, 2003, when asked, the young man said he felt "fully recovered".

Here is a detailed description of the non contact mode:

The young man was seated in a plastic arm chair with the three-bubble tube to his right, suspended vertically about chest high about 1 foot away from the arm of the chair. The two-bubble tube was to his left suspended vertically about chest high about 1 foot away from the arm of the chair. Both tubes were in series and in a sending mode with the 6C Control System power set at 1220. As the 45-minute session progressed the hits diminished in strength. After 45 minutes, when the hits could no longer be felt the young man switched things around to contact mode.

Detailed description of the contact mode:

The 6C Control System's power setting was lowered to 600. The flat spiral blue gas tube was placed under his waistband against the skin over his stomach. This spiral tube was connected in a receiving mode. The three-bubble tube and the two-bubble tube remained on each side of the chair and were connected to the 6C in a sending mode as before in the non contact mode. However, now the young man reached out from the chair with his elbows resting on the arms of the chair.

He held each of these tubes with his left and right hand respectively, maintaining contact with each tube with all five fingers of each hand. These contact mode changes resulted in hits being felt strongly again and often a change of location of the hits was noted as he repeated frequencies. As this portion of the session progressed, the hits slowly disappeared again. After almost forty minutes the only symptoms left were a stiffness in the neck and a pain in the back of the neck. The young man then turned off the Control System and computer program and centered the three-bubble tube behind his neck and against his neck at the pain location --- holding this tube with two hands. Then the frequency program and the 6C Control System were restarted. By the time the first three frequencies were run once — hence a total of only 60 seconds — the pain was declared gone by the young man and the whole system was turned off again.

By the time the first three frequencies were run once - a total of 60 seconds - the pain was gone. At this point the set of three frequencies [nicknamed "Mickie's Magic Three"] were run for two minutes each - 324, 528 and 15 --- and the session was ended.

(See "Mickie's Story" below.)

The stiff neck went away, his appetite came back, his strength came back, and color returned to his face during the following ten days. At this writing, August 9, 2003, the young man still says he feels "completely recovered".

# West Nile Virus experimental frequencies - use at your own discretion

label loop

dwell 20

duty 50

841 240 313 498 514 730 799 1115 484 434 404 686 697 1385 664

goto loop

# It is suggested that the frequency sets for meningitis and general antiseptic also be considered


Some comments from the young man re "hits" from frequencies:

841 -- The first time I felt this frequency in my throat -- after that it just rumbled my stomach

240 -- Initially it made my throat dry - a dry mouth then continued throughout the session - I drank some water while rifing

313 -- Initially it rumbled my stomach

498 -- Increased the dry feeling in my mouth

514 -- Nothing special

730 -- First felt this in my chest and later just stomach rumbling

799 -- At first I felt it at the top my head

1115 -- Nothing special

484 -- At first I felt it on the right side of my neck and later just stomach rumbling

434 -- Nothing special

404 -- At first this made my arms and back itch

686 -- This caused stomach rumbling, itchiness, and headache - I felt it at the back of my neck and in my chest

697 -- Nothing special

1385 -- In non contact mode I felt it at first in my throat and the top of my head - later in contact mode I felt it from my throat to my chest

664 -- I felt it in my face at first - then in contact mode I felt it in my chest


The young man waited until August 5 to run the meningitis and general antiseptic experimental frequency sets as found, perhaps, on the CAFL. He had experienced a painful insect bite on August 4, 2003 on his right hand and presented with a swollen right hand with infected scratches and scrapes on his right hand. He used the contact mode as stated above. The meningitis set produced no hits. The general antiseptic set produced some hits on the right hand where he was bitten, the right elbow, and itching of the right arm. The hand swelling went down during this one-time session. The next day he reported that he was experiencing back pain at the level of his kidneys. He said he was drinking a lot of water to try to speed up the flushing out of the toxins that he assumed was causing the back pain. The pain went away in a couple of days. Here is the way he ran the general antiseptic set of frequencies.


# General Antiseptic frequency set

label loop

dwell 20

duty 50

1550 802 880 787 760 727 688 683 465 444 450 428 660 10000 5000

goto loop

------------------ END

At this writing, September 9, 2003 the young man says he still feels "completely recovered" and he said that he has gained five pounds in the last month --- weight that he wanted to gain. He now uses insect repellant when he spends a weekend in the woods and to me he looks healthier than he has in months.

Subject: My SARS report --- May 4, 2003

Date: Mon, 5 May 2003 From: Carlos

May 4, 2003 --- I now seem to be completely over my encounter with SARS --- or at least free of symptoms for a week. I first admitted to myself that I was seriously ill around April 1.

An apparent sinus bacterial infection and an acute sore throat virus complicated and confused things along the way.

I think I picked up SARS on a commercial airline flight from Houston TX to Tampa FL on March 16 when I was seated near someone who was incessantly coughing.

I want to thank everyone for their concern, suggestions, and help. The original frequency program that I used for SARS is found at one of the web sites of Jeff Sutherland. I ran my adaptation of Jeff's program daily for over a week using a 6C EM+ custom made for me by Bruce Stenulson. It was driven by an F-155 frequency generator made for me by Patrick Robin using Patrick's Ver 1.5 software.

I sat in a plastic arm chair and I suspended vertically close alongside myself two long bubble tubes made by Barry Allred that I connected in series from the amp, the 6C EM+. No grounding plate nor grounding tube. No contact by me with the tubes. So I was using frequencies induced by radiant plasma electromagnetic waves --- in the generally-considered-safe range of power according to my Trifield meter. I chose octaves under 1000 Hz for the most part. There is no carrier wave used with this set up.

Here is how my adaptation of Jeff's SARS program eventually looked:


# SARS -- Carlos' comprehensive as of May 1, 2003

label loop

dwell 20

duty 50

converge 4 1

597.68 769.62 689.14 937.76 779.5 ##SARS Parasite frequencies

524.47 1048.94 ##SARS Coronavirus frequency octaves

499.25 998.5 ## SARS Metapneumovirus frequency octaves

778.12 1143 720.36 1001.86 ##SARS Frequencies of viral fragments -- from Jeff on April 19, 2003

648 563 701.6 654.4 ##SARS More remaining fragments -- from Jeff on April 21, 2003

Goto loop


After about ten consecutive days using this loop for 25-30 minutes each time I then used it intermittently whenever scary symptoms started to return --- like I was feeling a relapse coming on. I have to say that feeling was always scary or ominous. But each time the program would take away the symptoms. I was always amazed at this!

I would run the program each time until the symptoms went away and then go a little more.

You'll find Jeff's original SARS frequency program at jeffsutherland.org/complementary ; Scroll down to "SARS Update"

At first, each SARS frequency session would wipe out SARS symptoms for only about eight to twelve hours. Eventually, they lasted longer and longer.

I used the researchers' CAFL frequency lists for bacteria, mold, and parasites to clear up the recurring bacterial infection in my sinuses. The nasal discharge changed from yellow to clear after my first long session with the bacterials and antiseptics. It got yellowish again from time to time and I would then run the bacterials and some parasite programs some more to clear it up again.

The acute sore throat virus was readily reversed as Jeff assured me it would --- two days --- with the homeopathic found in health food stores, "Oscillococcinum". This bug left me with a deeper voice that lingered a while. This sore throat virus is prevalent in my county right now and I have heard of it keeping people from swallowing for up to a week if not treated effectively.

My thanks to all those who made for me pieces of my experimental frequency equipment and/or provided ideas for adapting down to lower frequencies. My thanks especially to Jeff for detecting these problems from family photos and for outlining potential solutions for me to consider experimenting with. His suggestions worked EXTREMELY well!


Subject: Using Rife to treat neck pain

Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2003

* wrote:

" I am trying to use Rife or bioelectromagnetism to treat neck pain. The pain is due to subluxation of C3 and reverse spondylosis of C5 and C6. I was hoping that Rife would help the smooth muscle tissue around the cervical vertebrae. Any suggestions of what type of frequency to use? Would I use frequencies for something like arthritis??? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


326 Hz has now been used by many to 'normalize' calcium metabolism, reducing adverse calcium buildups without diminishing normal bone mass, as reported quite a while ago. This is the primary frequency I would use first. (The range from 324 Hz to 328 Hz has been used; 326 is the center of the 'window of effect' in my understanding.)

I would Follow it with 15 Hz, which stimulates lymph circulation and reduces fluid retention / edema / swelling. (It also improves blood circulation somewhat, although 17 Hz is the key frequency there.

This frequency sequence has been used, and have reversed cases of alkylosing spondylitis in more than one case in Germany, using the EM+, contact mode.

It also works well on other cases of joint pain / arthritis, etc.

I'm sure there are also other frequencies that might be of benefit- these are the key ones I've found to be effective.

I've now been using these frequencies with the MagPulse high frequency magnetic pulser wands for the last year and a half with very good results, so the pulsed magnetic component (which is a part of the radiant plasma tube's emanations) may be a key dynamic factor, as Jeff Sutherland already pointed out last fall. I've offered some info & links to research material on this page:


If you're working with an RF carrier based resonance induction system, you'll have to work with it at a safe distance form the area- refer to the guidelines offered by the system designer.

Recent reports: With the EM+, one plasma tube is used directly in contact with the specific area, while a second plasma tube can be / is being used as a dynamic 'receiving' tube, possibly in contact with the bare feet (as a dynamic inter-resonating 'grounding' device) for maximum dynamics.

This dynamic operational mode capability is not new- it has been built into the EM+ systems for over three years. Recently, other researchers are now reporting employing this technique, and are reporting dramatically increased results, in comparison to other modes not employing the 'receiving tube'. Hopefully they will offer some of their case studies in writing when time allows, so that other researchers will have further examples of "what works". Many are cautious as to what they choose to post publicly, however... so don't hold your breath waiting!

I wish you all the best of success in your research!

Be Well!! Bruce

Subject: continued success

Date: Tue, 21 Jan 2003


It was about one year ago that we contacted you and purchased a 6AC EM+ device from you.

We have continued to be encouraged by the number of positive results obtained by use of the machine.

We also have a F-Scan device that we use as a "diagnostic" unit and also to "treat" but I prefer to drive the EM+ with the stored output signals of the F-Scan.

The most recent case was that of my sister who suffers from chronic sinus infection and migraine headaches. We connected her to the F-Scan and then I used the "hits" to drive the EM+ connected to the spiral hand unit. She moved the unit over her face and within about 3 minutes her sinuses began to drain. Before the 15 minutes of treatment were over her headache was gone and her sinus pain was over.

After she returned to Kremmling, Colorado where she lives her ailment returned (about one week later)!

My wife was diagnosed with breast cancer at stage 3 and possible stage 4 two years ago. To date no tumors are seen using mammogram, ultrasound or MRI imaging. The ONLY method of treatment has been RIFE and the use of supporting herbal and dietary practice.

Thank You for introducing us to the wonderful world of RIFE!

Sincerely, BB

Subject: Magnetic Field effects on tumors

Date: Wed, 24 Jul 2002

From: Jeff Sutherland jeffsutherland.org/complimentary

I suggested in previous posts that the effects we see with Rife devices and the FSCAN are largely caused by the magnetic field generated. There is an interesting paper on tumors in rats on the www.rifenovice.com site showing the greatest reduction in tumor volumes occurred from magnetic field exposure. See: http://www.home.earthlink.net/~malibob72/New_Revized_06/Page_17.html

Unfortunately, the treatment was not with one of the common devices and on first reading I could not determine frequencies. Treatment times were long, on the order of days.

Jeff Sutherland

Subject: 6C EM thru my recovery from throat cancer.

Date: Mon, 13 May 2002 From: Dave B.

Hi Bruce:

A year ago I bought a 6C EM from you. I used the 6C EM thru my recovery from throat cancer. I went through an alternative program in Mexico and then had to go thru 7 weeks of radiation to get the cancer stopped.

I used the 6C EM before and during the 7 weeks of radiation treatment and for a couple of months after. The 6C EM helped me recover much faster and the doctors were surprised with how fast tumor disappeared, the minimal side affects of the radiation and the accelerated recovery period. I think this was mainly due to getting my immune system back in check with the help of the 6C EM.

In November I had a surgery to check 12 lymph nodes in the area that I had had a large tumor (4 cm) just 9 months earlier and all were clean (I thank the Lord for that). I think changes in my diet, using the 6C EM with the immune system boosting freq., cancer freq. and taking beta glucan, an immune system booster, all helped me recover. Thanks for you help Bruce

Dave B.

Subject: frequency 2452 update : Hemoglobin Production Normalization

[ BKS Note: I'd received a request for a frequency which might help increase / normalize Hemoglobin production, and offered an experimental / theoretical frequency of 2452 Hz . ]

Subject: Thank You & Request

Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2002 From: dh

Thank You for the information, it has been very helpful to me. Request: I have Multiple Myeloma and am at the stage where I need Hemoglobin transfusion on a monthly basis. Would you know the frequency to normalize hemoglobin production, or the general area for me to start searching in.

Thank you for your time

D. H. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Subject: feedback Date: Mon, 04 Feb 2002 From: dh

Hi Bruce

This is not a very good test .I was very ill with a cold and flue this time , and my blood levels wher much lower than usual. Although I was expecting them to be much lower than they where.

WBC 8.1 normal= 4 - 11

RBC 2.12 normal= 4.5 - 5.8

Hemoglobin 69 normal= 145 - 175

Frequency 1524 3 min.

1434 3 min.

2452 3 min.

I used these frequencies for one week prior to having the blood tests and believe they where beneficial.

I had a blood transfusion yesterday. I will use these frequencies for the next 2 weeks and have blood tests done around Feb 17. As soon as I have the results I will let you know.

Sincerely, D H ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Date: Mon, 06 May 2002 From: dh

Thanks again for the frequency. Right on the money. Hemoglobin is up 10 points and I didn't have to have a blood transfusion this time. Next test is in 2 weeks.

Subject: FLU

Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002 From: Jeff Sutherland : jeffsutherland.org

Based on a couple of previous postings on a bad flu, I was to mention there is a nasty flu going around in Boston that sounds similar to the West Coast. A co-worker that did not get zapped soon enough went into pneumonia and tested positive for streptococcus pneu even after a round of antibiotics. Every day there have been multiple people at home sick for the last month.

I spent about a week trying to get rid of it with homeopathy, FSCAN, and EM6+. It was controlled but no quick cure. It did not respond to oscillicocinum which was unusual.

Finally, I spent enough time to zero in on it. After about an hours worth of analysis I got seven frequencies: 325556, 352343, 356542, 357635, 358605, 367666, 377489

Treating for two minutes each cleared all symptoms. For the first time in a week my sinuses were clear, for example. Some cleanup was required the next few days at: 377675, 377577, 364863, 7532, 5316

The interested thing is that the lowest frequency is the basic flu frequency. I identified it in multiple coworkers with the flu. It is below the frequency ranger where oscillicosinum appears to be effective. The next one or two higher frequencies appear to be separate strains of this flu so knocking one out didn't eliminate the other. Some of the higher frequencies appear to be associated organisms.

The bottom line is that this is a nasty flu and common approaches to neutralizing it do not work.

Jeff Sutherland

Subject: Common bacteria in your Starbucks brew

Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2002 From: Jeff Sutherland jeffsutherland.org

It is extemely annoying that drinking a morning cup of Starbuck's mocha induces a minor case of food poisoning. I'm starting a list of pathogens that I regularly find in Boston area Starbucks. I'll keep the frequencies below 10KHZ so any Rife device should be effective at knocking it out.

5554 - bacteria causing stomach pain, tested positive in Starbuck's cup

These pathogens are typically in the milk used at Starbucks that gets through the pasteurization process, so it is resistant to heat. Lack of proper sanitary procedures can make it endemic to a Starbucks location.

Chlorine is the only easy way to kill this since heat is useless (of course you then may have chlorine in your coffee which produces a wide variety of carcinogens when combined with organic material). Garelick Brothers milk (used by Starbucks) appears to be the worst offender. I use organic milk at home and have few problems (although they are not immune).

Jeff Sutherland

Subject: Mycoplasmas

Date: Sat, 08 Sep 2001 From: "Jeff Sutherland" jeffsutherland.org

A recent thread on mycoplasmas asked for references. The owner of Raintree Nutrition is a naturopathic physician who cured her own fibromyalgia with rainforest supplements. She has posted an excellent summary of the issues with numerous citations in the literature. http://www.rain-tree.com/myco.htm

"Mycoplasmas, unlike viruses, can grow in tissue fluids (blood, joint, heart, chest and spinal fluids) and can grow inside any living tissue cell without killing the cells, as most normal bacteria and viruses will do. Mycoplasmas are frequently found in the oral and genito-urinary tracts of normal healthy people and are found to infect females four times more often than males, which just happens to be the same incidence rate in rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue and other related disorders.(7) Mycoplasmas are parasitic in nature and can attach to specific cells without killing the cells and thus their infection process and progress can go undetected. In some people the attachment of mycoplasmas to the host cell acts like a living thorn; a persistent foreign substance, causing the host's immune defense mechanism to wage war. This allergic type of inflammation often results in heated, swollen, and painful inflamed tissues, like those found in rheumatoid diseases, fibromyalgia and many other autoimmune disorders like lupus and MS, Crohn's and others. In such cases the immune system begins attacking itself and/or seemingly healthy cells. Some species of mycoplasmas also have the unique ability to completely evade the immune system. Once they attach to a host cell in the body, their unique plasma and protein coating can then mimic the cell wall of the host cell and the immune system cannot differentiate the mycoplasma from the body's own host cell.

"Mycoplasmas are parasitic in nature because they rely on the nutrients found in host cells including cholesterol, amino acids, fatty acids and even DNA. They especially thrive in cholesterol rich and arginine-rich environments. Mycoplasmas can generally be found in the mucous membrane in the respiratory tract. They need cholesterol for membrane function and growth, and there is an abundance of cholesterol in the bronchial tubes of the respiratory tract. Once attached to a host cell, they then begin competing for nutrients inside the host cells. As nutrients are depleted, then these host cells can begin to malfunction, or even change normal functioning of the cell, causing a chain reaction with other cells (especially within the immune and endocrine systems). Mycoplasmas can even cause RNA and DNA mutation of the host cells and have been linked to certain cancers for this reason. Mycoplasmas can also invade and live inside host cells which evade the immune system, especially white blood cells. Once inside a white blood cell, mycoplasmas can travel throughout the body and even cross the blood/brain barrier, and into the central cervous system and spinal fluid."

I regularly find mycoplasma frequencies in individuals with parasite infections. And I haven't found an individual without a parasite infection (however minor) because they are so ubiquitous in milk and other foods, as well as in the locker room (athlete's foot, etc.). You also cannot be parasite free without treating your cats and dogs.

Jeff Sutherland

Subject: Thyroid parasite

Date: Sat, 02 Feb 2002 From: "jsutherland"

Volunteer asked for help with thyroid problems. On medication for about five years. TSH tested at 0.03 (0.30 – 5.00 Normal range) and had never been in normal range even with medication.

Tested positive for parasite in thyroid. No infection detectable outside of thyroid. Two minutes holding FSCAN electrodes with microscopic thyroid slide introduced into circuit (plate zapping) at:

53479, 157795, 255598, 355785

Volunteer felt better over the weekend with some detox effects (headache) but tested negative for parasite on Monday, three days later. Agreed to retest thyroid function at Mass. Eye and Ear in next six weeks.

Six weeks later, lab tests showed TSH 0.68 (0.30 – 5.00 Normal range). Physician was impressed. Next step, volunteer will self administer homeopathy in order to improve thyroid function and try to reduce medication working with physician.

For frequencies under 10000HZ range, use octaves. You need to have a method to find exact frequencies. For this particular parasite, the lower frequencies represent the eggs and two larval stages and the frequencies are fairly stable. Often the adult will respond to multiple frequencies within a 200HZ band. Scan with the FSCAN to pick these up.

Since I always drive my EM6+ using the FSCAN as a frequency generator, I have found that the EM6+ will strongly emanate frequencies up to 500KHZ, even though the tube does not light up over about 10000HZ. So you can treat at higher frequencies. Repeated FSCANs can document that the tube is having the desired effect.

Jeff Sutherland


Subject: Sciatica? : EM+ 2002 Enhancements

Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2002

From: "Bruce K. Stenulson"

Brian McInturff wrote: "

Has anyone had success with sciatica in rifing? Any theories that it can be caused by a critter rather than mechanical damage?"


Turf & friends,

My understanding is that sciatica generally results from pressure on nerves where they exit the spinal chord in the lower back (lumbar).

Some of the possible contributing factors:

Vertebrae misalignment, damage

Swollen / Herneated disks, or disc deterioration

Excess Calcium buildup in nerve channels within the vertebrae

Research performed with the EM+ system, with the plasma tube applied directly to the spine, using a pulse repetition rate of 326 Hz has produced dramatic results in reducing / reversing adverse calcium buildup, while 'normalizing' calcium metabolism, and reportedly not adversely affecting normal bone mass. This has been relayed to the list in the past, and is included in the EM+ Research Manuals.

15 Hz and 25.4 Hz may also help reduce swollen disks; results have been observed with these frequencies when used in the full contact mode on the EM+ systems.

Others may be able to offer comments on whether or not these frequencies produce the same results when they are used as modulation on an RF carrier; discussion in the past by some seem to indicate that frequencies below 400 Hz may not be as effectively induced when using the modulated RF carrier method of induction.

Osteopathic / chiropractic adjustment may help with spinal misalignment issues.

Pulsed magnetic signals have been shown to stimulate regrowth of deteriorating cartilage in osteoarthritis cases, according to research work by Dr. Steven Kalli at the Albert Einstein College Of Medicine in NY. This suggests directions for further research.


The new 'MagPulse' experimental magnetic pulser is now being offered as an accessory for use with the latest 2002 revision of the System 6C EM+. It is driven from the newly revised, higher drive level Auxiliary Output Channel which is incorporated on the 6C systems. More will be written on the results of specific frequency pulsed magnetic approaches as research reports are returned.

Note that this is a different approach than the BECK use of high intensity, low pulse repetition rate pulsers, such as the THUMPY & Auto-thumpy. Waveforms of dynamic pulse rates beyond 10,000 Hz are now offered on the MagPulse web page, along with a brief listing of the design development parameters that have guided the research & development evolution of this device over the last 18 months.

Observations on using a Rife device (System 6C EM+) to frontend the FSCAN

Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2001

From: Jeff Sutherland

I received an EM6+ device from Bruce Stenulson earlier this week and hooked it up to the F-SCAN. My expectation was that this device would penetrate deeper than the F-SCAN and I was looking forward to treating some persistent organisms.

The EM6+ is a nice piece of hardware that come with two plasma tubes. One of them is a handheld spiral tube that I have been using to focus on various parts of the body.

Some initial observations:

The EM6+ comes with a frequency meter to monitor output. This was consistently a few hertz less than the F-SCAN output. I adjusted the F-SCAN output a few hertz above the desired frequency to get the exact freqency output on the EM6+. This is critical for difficult organisms that will not be killed without the exact frequency within 1-2 hertz.

At the lowest power selection the plasma tube results in about 10 times the power transfer of the F-SCAN. At midrange power, two orders of magnitude, and at high power three orders of magnitude. This is clearly a powerful device that should be used carefully. I only used it after identifying exact frequencies with the Cameron Aurameter or the FSCAN. And I only use it for the time period indicated by the Aurameter.

Results are very good. I've blasted two different species of parasites and some flu viruses. My energy level and that of volunteers has been pumped up signficantly the day after treatment. So I get the same results as the F-SCAN, only faster and better. The F-SCAN is maybe better for fine tuning with a lower power device.

It was clear, because of the power of this device, that energy transfer effects were going on in the subtle energy layers around the human body. At the risk of annoying the skeptics, let me say that Rife devices are effecting the subtle energy systems of the body and the MOR effect is not necessarily a direct physical resonance. For example, there is an unusual device called the Universal Pendulum discovered by French Egyptologists and built in Poland that is used for stimulating all the various subtle energies that the body needs. The effects can be photographed with Kirlian photography. This device is best held at the border of the human energy field which is measurable with the Cameron Aurometer and usually extends 2-3 out from the physical body. The energy emitted resonates the entire energy shell of the body and as a result trasmits the energy to all the energy centers in the body.

After noticing the same effect with the plasma tube, I tryed suspending the FSCAN electrode like a pendulum two feet in front of the solar plexis and achieved an identical effect. In addition, swinging the Universal Pendulum in a clockwise direction pumps energy into the body, and swinging it counterclockwise pumps energy out. This same effect was achieved with the F-SCAN electrode. So in addition to treating with physical contact with the electrodes, you will get better results by following up by "ringing" the whole energy shell of the body using the described techique. The Cameron Aurometer can be used to determine the exact location which will create the largest effect, the amount of the effect, and the length of treatment.

Nice work Bruce!

Jeff Sutherland



' lightsider only' commented:

" Well you're right I am annoyed because what you claim undermines scientific weight of "Rife" technology and while you really think you're doing this technology a favor you are in fact making it something metaphysical and unreal. "...


Bruce K. Stenulson Responds:

Twenty five years ago this type of opinion might have been more prevalent & popular... but science and technology have evolved a long ways since then. What was once the realm of little understood "Subtle Energy Medicine" now is falling squarely within the realm of consistently instrumentable responses. The latest technology in instrumentation vastly surpasses the capabilities of just a few years ago. It's admittedly hard to keep up when this information is not touted on the local TV evening news.

Thankfully, Dr. James L. Oschman, a cellular biologist, has written an extensively referenced book titled "Energy Medicine- The Scientific Basis". First brought to my attention be James Bare, it's been a valuable resource. I'd recommend this book to anyone interested in developing a deeper insight into these subjects, including the concepts of how the various radiated components of the resonant radiant plasma might interface with and effect the body on multiple levels.

Yes, the book was published back in 2000, and undoubtedly the state of the art has continued to evolve since then... but it's one of the better reference sources for anyone trying to understand the less obvious aspects of Energy Medicine and Induced Resonance approaches.

Are all of the answers in this book? Not likely- but a lot of key insights are available. With the extensive references listed at the end of each chapter, those looking for further 'proof' can delve deeply into each subject presented.

Robert O. Becker's 1991 book "Cross Currents" is another that will help in developing a broader perspective.

(Or you can just shoot the bothersome messengers!:>)

It is in the sharing of a wide variety of research approaches and observations that further insights will be born. Yesterdays approaches may not be adequate tomorrow.

We are not our fathers or our grandfathers; attitudes that served, simple approaches that served them may no longer serve us.

Food for thought:

Everything is in evolution, including the RF-saturated environment we're now all living within. Not only has our environment evolved since our grandfather's days, affecting us and everything in our world - it's also most likely resulted in an evolution / adaptation of the pathogens & associated health challenges which researchers are trying to somehow control. Techniques which may have worked easily 60 to 70 years ago in the midst of a relatively 'clean' RF / EMF environment, may no longer get the job done...

After all, if bacteria respond to changes in their environment of a chemical nature, transforming into anti-biotic resistant strains, it would be a bit naive to expect them to not also adapt to changes in their energetic (RF / EMF) environment, to become resistant to such exposures and influences, too. We can't go back. The game has evolved, and the "Body Response Testing" is now an essential tool in making progress in today and tomorrow's environment.

Keep in mind this possibility then: Frequencies that may have worked many years ago may no longer be accurate / adequate in today's environment. Without the body response testing in one form or another, or other techniques that, on the surface, may appear closer to "Subtle Energy Techniques" that to 'hard science', many are at a loss for guidance beyond the historic compiled frequency lists.

Good luck in your research- may it broaden your perspectives!



Z. Comments

Hello Jeff and list!

Don't get me wrong- I do believe that there are things in this universe that we haven't even begin to understand but this kind of quasi-scientific talk do undermine efforts to prove value of "Rife" technology to a scientific community which in the ends decides what is medicine and what is not.


[Jeff Replies:]

My apologies for any consternation I might have caused you. I appreciate your work and feel it is highly valuable.

Everything I write is to describe an experiment that others may try to duplicate and provide feedback. If they prove it is worthless, they should ignore what I say. I make no claims other than it works for me. I even say that much of what I can repeatedly duplicate in my lab is outrageous and such studies would never be funded by any credible scientific agency. I am astounded myself at what works and would never believe it because someone else told me until I had replicated the experiment myself.

I have some data, actually, that I have been meaning to post that seems to me to shed some light on transmission of frequencies through various body tissues that might be useful to those working hard on the theory of Rife machines. I did spend many years as an Assistant Professor of Radiology teaching and training Ph.D. students on imaging studies so I am aware of the nuances of transmission through body tissues and using those nuances to achieve useful results.

However, this is an open-ended research list for those interested in pushing the envelope in science. I am only interested in repeatable clinical results and trying to understand them, even when the current scientific paridigm is incapable of explaining them. Remember, Einstein though quantum physics was quasi-science but it has been proven that he had some unreasonable preconceptions that he considered scientifically established fact. Just because people can't explain what they see in front of their eyes doesn't mean phenomenon that are repeatable by independent observers don't exist. People claimed airplanes could not possibly fly before the Wright brothers, and even Watson, the CEO of IBM, said he never thought there was a worldwide market for more than 3 computers.

As for Quackbusters, these guys wouldn't recognize an anthrax patient until it was too late. In general, they do not research claims they discuss, but dismiss them because they don't like them. They rarely quote the real medical literature. If they did they would note the New England Journal of Medicine published a paper some years ago showing the 50% of what was published in the New England Journal was proved wrong within five years in the same journal. Real scientists are humble because they understand these things.

I work with some of the leading scientists on the planet who are honest skeptics. They want to see real data they can carefully examine and have outlined exactly what I need to do to get a good paper on frequency effects published in a major journal. I'm proceeding slowly to do this, as my livelihood does not depend in any way on any of this research, and it is done totally in my spare time.

My immediate goal is to protect my family and friends in a time when the global public health system has broken down and dangerous organisms are proliferating at an alarming rate (helped by humans intent on assuring they proliferate) and our friends in the government and our local healthcare clinic do not even have access to current technology that works every day in industry and in the local universities. If you don't like dowsers, electrical devices that can sequence the DNA of an anthrax sample in 30 seconds are available and the Air Force is buying them. They are too expensive for my research lab so I use what is cheap and works as well for my purposes.

Jeff Sutherland

Subject: 5AC EM+ & Prostate Cancer

Date: Mon, 8 Oct 2001, From: F.B.

I want to thank you for my device, i used it for the first few months to control my prostate cancer using your suggested freqs, but without results. I then used the freqs. 2104-2200 in increments of 8 plus a few others & the result is that the prostate is of normal size with no indication of any tumors. This is great news as 3 years ago my PSA was 168 & gleason score of 8 & hormonal blockade was the only treatment available to me. Thanks once again, Fred Bradley ( Australia)


An Email List member asked, "I am very interested in spine calcification better known as Ankylosying Spondylitis. "

Jan. 10, 2001: Guess it's time to write this report:

A Therapist in Germany has reported to me privately of two individuals responding well in treatments with the EM+. 328 Hz (and 326 Hz) are the key frequencies, it appears- I'd given him the 328 Hz several months ago.

One lady 32, the other 40, had been totally imobilized- 0% range of motion in their spine, 22 vertebrae fused solid with the calcification.

Working with the EM+ allows direct application of the plasma tube to specific target areas, such as the spine, with the result of much greater amplitude of induced resonance than can be achieved deep within the body, appearantly moreso than with any 'radiant mode only' method of inducing resonance.

Previous reports from researchers working with Prostate Cancer volunteers in the US report using EKG electrode gell to further enhance the conduction of components of the spiral plasma hand piece's resonant signal more directly into selected target areas, such as tumor sites, etc. Another commonly available option for this use is KY Jelly.

As best I can remember the phone conversation, in about the second treatment session, he could litterally hear 'pops' or 'snaps' in the area of the spine being treated, as the excess calcification began to break down. Further sessions have resulted in the excess calcification literally disolving and 'liquefying', according to his report.

The Medical Collge nearby has been doing the testing, and reports that both subjects have now regained form 70% to 75% of the normal range of motion in their spines. They also at the same time still claim that this is impossible, that this condition is non-reversable according to their understanding.... yet they are doing the tests and scans and can not argue with the results being achieved.


"Would you like feedback on what I suppose is a rather delicate subject in your part of the world? - Have had (preliminary!) astounding results with AIDS patients . . . In one case, all symptoms of AIDS, Herpes, Candida totally disappeared after one treatment . . !! I know, follow-up is urgent, but there just is so many people here to help, and a day just has so many hours . . . One other guy appeared to have only days left to live - two treatments for AIDS and Candida, and he already is up and about again, eating well, and looking just great! What really amazed me, was that the skin lesions disappeared overnight . . .

One more thing - we don't only use EM in our approach - we also absolutely force people to drink gallons of (the purest available!) structured water, we extensively use home-built orgone generators, Möbius coils, etc. We have also found that Neodymium magnets concentrate orgone into a beam (out the North pole). I also have a metaphysical healer friend, whom we use to the maximum . . .

And lastly: My friend that was diagnosed with lung cancer more than a year ago, is still very much hale and hearty! Our metaphysical friend also claims not to be able to 'sense' the tumor anymore at all! (I tend to believe him - he is very sensitive, and quite good at his job.) There are three more treatments with chemotherapy left, and then a catscan next month . . . . Then we will know the truth . . . At the moment we concentrate mostly on relieving the ravages of chemo . . "


Excerpted notes from reports recieved during December 2000 from Africa

There is this big problem looming over me - now that the fame of the efficacy of your EM+ has spread a bit (which is true - I have not had one single, complete 'failure' on anything I've tried thus far! Maybe I've just been very selective :-), I find myself totally overwhelmed with calls for help - what the h- do I do . . . !!?? (Must be a commonly encountered problem, wherever your machines find themselves . . ?)

Luckily my friend with the lung cancer is so impressed with what we could do for him, and also the accompanying almost-change in personality (!) associated with cases like this, that he will be next 'operator' for the unit.

Some feedback on my friend's lung cancer: He was scheduled for radio therapy, and then an operation, beginning last week. His oncologist, however, was so impressed with the phenomenal reduction in size of his tumor, that she cancelled his appointments, and told him to 'keep on doing whatever it is you are'!! The only thing she insisted on, was that he do three more courses of chemotherapy. But this he can 'handle' quite easily lately: We subject him to 'liver support' frequencies every day, and consequently he experiences minimal nausea. (And that is really minimal!) He returns to work directly after the treatments, has no problems with appetite, nor sleeping.

What really impressed us both, however, was the effect we could achieve with a very painfull side effect of the chemo: Normally the arteries in the arm used for the chemo become severely inflamed and painfull - directly after last week's chemo, we applied the detox assist, and healing and regeneration frequencies - the next morning all pain and redness were gone! (it normally lasts for several days . . ) One other thing also had us shouting with joy - about once a week, we do the immune system boost. Well, between last month's and this month's tests, his white blood cell count exactly doubled!

Sorry about this patchy report - just wanted to share some good news with you! (Working on a full-bodied report; will send it on soon.)

Thank you from my heart, once again, for allowing me, and my friends (the circle of which is growing rapidly :-) the use of one of your most exellent creations! Can't convey in words what change it has made in our lives . . .

"As far as the cancer protocol we follow is concerned, we use frequencies from the annotated list, and that every day. To the 'Cancer, carcinoma, bronchial' protocol, we did add 433 Hz ('Cancer, adenoma'), 2180, 2182 Hz ('Cancer not killed by 2008/2128'), and 800Hz, because he experienced a pronounced 'hit' on that frequency. This we do every day, using the double bubble tube against his back (directly opposite the tumor) and the spiral tube as near we can get to the tumor from the front. Both feet on the ground plate. All frequencies are used for three minutes, with the power output as high as he can stand. (This we have been increasing constantly, but generally use the 750 Power Output level for frequencies above ~800 Hz, the 600 Output for frequencies between ~600 - 800 Hz, and the 450 Output for anything lower, depending on my friend's energy level; we sometimes use lower output levels, especially for the much lower frequencies.At least once a week we alternate these frequencies with those of the 'Cancer, BASIC SET', or those of the 'Cancer, general, set 1, 2, or 3'.

We always start a session with the frequencies for 'Liver support' (both feet on the plate; spiral tube on/above the liver), as we found that it helps him really tremendously to 'weather' the side-effects of chemotherapy. It is only with every third chemo session (which we call his 'Big' chemos), that we have to use 'Nausea and cramping' to combat his nausea. Whatever we do, it helps a lot - he can even drink his coffee minutes after a chemo - previously he couldn't even keep in one mouthfull of pure, revitalized water! He also rarely, if ever, skip a meal now . . . In the past, after a 'big' chemo, he'd be sitting in his chair, head on his chest, physically bent double, responding only with a hoarse croak when spoken to. Now you will find him upside down under a car, or outside, playing with his dogs, joking and laughing with passersby . . . Difficult to graphically describe the absolutely tremendous change in him. Feel that a chemotherapy unit should not be allowed to operate without some EM+ protocols being part of the treatment . . . . Oh, and we use 'Detox assist' and 'Healing and regeneration' to get rid of the angry, red swelling of the arteries. This happens overnight, with also NO pain the next day . . .

Also once a week we try and fit in frequencies for his 'Immune system stimulation'. Mostly with only the spiral tube on his solar plexus chacra point; sometimes with the double bubble in the midle of his back. Two weeks after we did that for the first time, a blood count showed that his lymphosite count doubled. I cannot claim that these frequencies were the only contributing factor - there are too many variables involved in this equation . . . "

Subject: Thanks so much for your invention

Date: Fri, 1 Dec 2000 From: "Dr. N. , D.C.

Thanks so much for your invention. I have used your EM5 on several patients with great success.

My son had a severe case of herpes complete with deep ulceration resolve some 50% in one treatment and disappear by the third treatment. His wife had a smaller skin lesion disappear in two treatments.

I have used it for sinusitis and was able to make a rough plane trip without pressurization discomfort nor motion sickness.

I consider it a faster treatment than a herbal parasite cleanse and deeper acting than any intestinal products I can prescribe as a Chiropractor. I have been doing Chiropractic for 22 years, nutritional counseling for 14 and homeopathy for the past ten years.

On October 15th, 2000, the EM+ researcher in Africa sent the following Email report:

Feedback on preliminary tests (sorry about the 'lengthy' style - wanted to include 'enough' info!!? - I see it as a 'record' of my evolution . .):

1.First some little background: For some reason, bacteria (and several virii!) seem to be unusually virulent here in the desert (almost as if they've been 'starved'!) Consequently, Staphylococcus infections can be found in any given household in at least one member of the family at a given time . . . These infections quite often manifest in what we call 'boils' or 'furuncles', any place on the body, but mostly in the moister parts (under the arms, fork of the legs, etc.) (Also, they become 'chronic' infections - no amount of antibiotics, surgical procedures, whatever, let you get permanently rid of them: Time and again they return during times of stress, etc., always to the same spots. . . ); also the smallest cut can become infected - hygiene is rather important hereabouts . . . !

Anyway, when I knew for sure that the 5AC EM+ was on its way, I left my two pet infections to merrily go ahead . . . (I normally manage to 'contain' them with 'hot presses', essential oils (especially Australian Tea Tree Oil), etc.) I must say, I did not expect the results . . . . !!! (These critters are really something, and normally take several days of treatment - with 'conventional' means! - to effectively reduce the boils in size - these afterwards remain as permanent, hardened lesions, with 'canals' inside) -

I started out with the df frequencies in Charlene's Excel list (the 'Staph. aureus plasmid' range), late Thursday night. Tried first the 'df' series . Next tried the 'df/3 upper octave' series - easier to stabilize at a chosen freq.! Went to bed. Next morning not sure of any effect . . .

Later on Friday (got 'further' in your manual!), tried the Staph. aureus series in Turf's list (424 - ... - 744 Hz). Nearly swallowed my tongue ! : Immediately (several minutes) noticed a marked decrease in 'tenderness' - this surprised me, as these are 'closed/isolated/contained' 'bags' of infection - even if you 'kill' them immediately, surely it will take some time for the 'corpses' to be 'removed', lessening pressure and tenderness in the abscessed area . . . !?

Anyway, by Saturday morning I even had trouble 'finding' the spots . . . !!

Sunday morning: The 'multi-headed monster' in my crotch has disappeared for all practical purposes, the one under my arm is still a bit tender - will 'give it gas' later today . .

Must say, I'm impressed ! - the last vestiges of skepticism, lurking in dark corners, have taken flight!

10-22-2000 : Have an unexpected free moment now - must catch up with relating recent experiences . . .

1.Conclusively (just listen to me - an expert!?) confirmed now that the frequencies for both Staphilococcus and Streptococcus are needed to completely get rid of (at least here in the desert) abscesses. Had amazing results with an 'emergency' molar abscess - this guy was on his way to the emergency section of local hospital - an hour later the pain was 'barely noticeable', three days later still without any pain. Promised to have it 'seen to' . . . .

2.A long guy got a seriously painfull 'crick' in his neck, contorting himself into a small car. He got white in the face, and started sweating from the pain. After a few frequencies, we got to 4200 Hz - he sat bolt upright and said 'Now THIS is doing something to me!' Altogether 10 minutes, and he was completely without any pain.

3.On the same occasion, a lady present was quite impressed with the result, and asked whether something could be done for her high blood pressure (which she determined right away, and which was quite high, although she did take her prescribed medication). About twenty minutes after >304, 728, 880, 10000, 3 min. each<, the reading had dropped by about 6%. This morning it was the lowest in years - a completely 'normal' reading - for someone actually years younger . . . Will follow up tomorrow.

Are feeling a bit 'foolish' reporting these results - must be all old hat to you!? Probably just adding to statistics . . .


In August 1998, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer having a PSA of 4.0 and a biopsy result of Tc1 - Gleason 6. Over the next year and a half I had moderated the detectable tumor and the PSA with a herbal/ nutritional regimen. On 5/30/00, I was again tested, The PSA bolted up to a 4.8 and the tumor reappeared to a more significant size (a small grape) than before in just 3 months.

I acquired your System 5 and started using it 6/19/00. I used David Calvert's suggested prostate cancer protocol 6 days a week in addition to therapeutic doses of herbal substances (PC SPES, MGN 3, Prost, Ann's Tea).

After 5 weeks, I was again retested. The PSA is now 2.1 and more significantly, the tumor is barely detectable. My Urologist was stunned - I am ecstatic.

I will continue the regimen for another 6 weeks and predict a future of being cancer free. I will update you later.

Thanks Bruce and to David too for an alternative that promotes a healthy future prospect with a quality of life rather than the invasive, destructive traditional medical practices of excising.


Subject : "your machine worked yet again!"

Date: Mon, 5 Jun 2000

From: doug decker

Just a quick note to you all. I have an a $3000.00 dollar tooth that has given me trouble on and off for 8 years now. At that price I hate the thought of having it pulled! :-)

Saturday night it hit the fan so to speak and I was sure this would be it's last weekend in my mouth. I started an antibiotic cycle and last night with NO relief in sight, I turned to my EM+ 4C. I set the power output at 60k and plugged in the ground plate. Freq was set at 2944 Hz and I held the double bubble tube against my face over the swollen area surrounding the tooth. Ten minutes +/- at 2944 and ten more at 787. Also used 2244 Hz for a few minutes.

At the end of the session I had a sharp needle like pinching or stabbing at the root of the tooth. But the swelling was mostly gone and so was the trashed, sick feelings I had before the Freqs were run. Slept great last night. Swelling is still gone today. Bruce, your machine worked yet again! Take care all, Doug

In a message dated 6/29/00 an EM+ researcher writes:

"In my case I have what I believe is a hairline crack in a tooth that still has a filling. It has been checked and tested and all is still alive, but it gets sensitive. Well one day last week it got REAL sensitive (with dull aching), and I used 787 and 464 and gradually cranked the power up. What was interesting, at a certain location and pressure, I could feel the nerve vibrating deep into my sinus / cheek area, like a dentist drilling with no novacaine, only smoother (glutton for punishment ??)...

It took a day or two, but I am noticing no discomfort in the tooth now, except for sensitivity to cold which is usual. Trying to keep the root canal doctor away at all costs. C.B. "

Clay responds: " Funny you bring this up- l did basically the same thing this week for probably the 20th time. l have a tooth that formerly had a metal filling that was cleaned out and replaced with the plastic composite. Occasionally l get this sensitive sensation at the base of the tooth and it can sometimes become painful. lf l'm on the road l'm screwed, but if at home l run Garvy's dental freqs and it is gone the next morning. Sometimes the bubble tube against my cheek will will cause nerves in my face and around my eye ball to jerk and twitch. lt stays gone for a month or two and slowly comes back. Look up dental on Garvy's list and give it a try. Clay"

Subject: Cervical Cancer

Date: Sat, 03 Jun 2000 17:32:33 -0700

From: Doug Decker rife787@yahoo.com

Hi list, If my answer seems short please forgive me. My typing skills suck! something like one short word per minute. Anyway, about the cervical cancer/ dysplasia/ HPV. Five years ago my best friend and now wife Vicki was diagnosed as VIN2, and CIN 3. Biopsies were done and found malignant.We started her on megadoses of grape seed 3 weeks prior to surgery. Following the first surgery it was found that their was NO malignant tissue. The MDs wanted to know what she had done as 3 weeks earlier there was malignant tissue found. Grape seed. Now, for 18 years she has had the most painful cysts, some as big as golf balls and as we find out, directly related to the papilloma virus and the result of systemic Staph. Nothing could be done about them and we were told she would just have to live with them. The day we first used a Rife device, in this case a Bioray, she had 10 cysts. 4 hours following her first rifing she had 2 cysts. We actually watched them disappear in front of our own astonished eyes! We are now using Bruces EM+ 4C unit and have full access to the Bioray also. I know of no one in Salt Lake City that has a Bare device although I would love to try one. At the end of March we did a follow up at the oncologist and he found a new spot that he wants to watch. He told Vicki to use a product called Transfer Factor Plus and..."USE HER RIFE UNIT". We were shocked! So we are now running 2 freqs. 2944-2968 as one sweep, and 2288. Both are derived from the DNA freq protocol and cross refranced with Hulda Clark.The freq. for Staph and a pathogenisity factor of HPV both fall in the 2944 range. I believe them to be one and the same although I am yet to prove this by imperical methods. We go back in a few weeks and I will post for better or worst at that time.We are seeing good results thus far. Lots more but my one typing fingure is tired. More Later, Doug


My name is Mickie Williams. I met Bruce some 15 years ago in Breckenridge CO. He and his wife Mary were instrumental in introducing my husband Glenn and I. After a wonderful 2 year friendship, Glenn and I moved away. After a few years, as often happens, time and distance caused to loose touch. But thanks to the Internet, after 13 years, we found them again.

It was not just wonderful to renew our friendship, but we discovered what Bruce had been up to, and his involvement in alternative health research. This was great news for me because my health had been deteriorating rapidly over the past 3 years.

I told Bruce about the 2 heart attacks I had the previous year and the sudden onslaught of Rheumatoid Arthritis that had kept me in constant, terrible, demobilizing pain. I also had been diagnosed as Bipolar, Manic. He explained the EM+ and I asked him if I could try it. We just played with it a while and tried a few different frequencies (324 Hz, 528 Hz, 15 Hz) then we all went off to bed.

The next morning I woke up after a wonderful nights sleep, and as I always do, I sat up slowly and reached for the wall to help myself out of bed. I was braced for the pain that always greeted me on arising. But I stopped in my tracks when I realized that my hand opened and closed just like a normal person. AND NO PAIN !!!! I was so excited I wanted to tell my husband so I JUMPED out of bed and TROTTED down the stairs and again, stopped in my tracks. I looked back and realized I had done all this with NO PAIN!!!! As I write this I still can't believe it!

The whole day I was able to bend and stoop and walk like a real person. This was just from a few minutes of playing around with the EM+. That night I begged him to let me use it again. He did, of course, and this morning I, again, popped out of bed, and bounced down the stairs and felt like a million dollars. My mood was high and stable and best of all my blood pressure was 142/80. the lowest it had been sense my son was born 34 years ago. My pressure always ran around 180/195 or 200. This is truly magic. And keep in mind that this all took place at an elevation of 10,300 ft. WOW!!!!!

I am planning to start a journal of sorts here on the net so if you are interested in the long term effects you can follow my progress. I can't wait to see what new miracles will occur!!!!!



I made a discovery last night, alcohol effects my arthritis in a VERY negative way. I had two drinks last night and this morning I could not close my hands and I was in pain. I got on Tinkerbell (I named my EM+) and spent about 10 minutes on 15Hz and, "voila", I am typing this and my hands open and close and NO PAIN!!!!!!



6-7-2000 7:00 PM Update recieved : "TINKERBELL & ME"


Thank you again for the most wonderful week. We are still smiling from it. The first thing I did when I got home was tell every one about Tinkerbell (Systems 5 EM+).

Every one kept telling me that I looked so good and the pain lines are all gone from my face. Well of course they are gone, I am no longer in constant pain. I took my blood pressure on 6/4 and it was 140/76. Yesterday 6/6 it was 138/65. I had a reading like that when I was a teenager. Tink and I spend some time together every evening. It's like American Express, I won't go to bed without it.

Today I let my daughter-in-law, Tammy, use it. She has some Authorities and achy mussels in her shoulders. The pain in her shoulders was gone 15 minutes after she ran the machine. Tonight a friend is coming over to try it. I have a feeling I am going to be very busy by the time all my friends discover this.

I will give you a better update as we go along. I can't wait to go to my DR. and have him take my blood pressure. Well my friends, it is time to go. We will be in close touch from now on.

Subject: Over Due Update:( Mickie's Story)

Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2000


Sorry to take so long to get this update to you but life has been very busy since Tink (My System 5 EM+) came into my life. I find I can't say no to anyone who wants to use her. I am still waiting to find anyone who doesn't get great benefit from using her. So far only happy results and amazement.

The other day one of my friends was in tears from a full blown migraine that she could not get rid of. I set Tink on 10 and had her hold the coil right against her head. It took about 20 minutes and the migraine went completely away. She was dancing around my house hugging me and telling me to send hugs to you. She was ecstatic as I was for her.

Me? Blood pressure yesterday was 128/72. Just call me a teenager. Interesting fact, I got so busy sharing Tink I forgot to zap myself for three days. I was still taking my blood pressure med. My pressure went up to 178/101 with 3 days of not using the machine. My doctor will be E-mailing you soon. He is really interested in Tink. I loaned him the book and gave him the web site and he will no doubt have questions for you that I can't answer.

Also, My mental health therapist who monitors my By Polar illness is begging for a look at the machine. I have not had a single mood swing for 18 days and I am down to 1/3 the medication I was on before Tink. {BTW} I plan to be off all antidepressants within 6 months. It just keeps getting better and better.

All of Battle Mountain knows and loves Tinkerbelle. We run around singing" Do You Believe In Magic?" The answer is always the same, a resounding "YES!!!!!!!!!!"

Love to you both, from both of us


Subject: At Last, some time to update. Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2000


Hi guys, did you think I forgot? It has been a busy few days. We are just great and things with Tink just keep getting better.

You remember I told you about my friend Bud. He has a facial tick that causes painful cramping. well, we have been using the hand held device so he can keep it right on the effected area. We are running 6000,304,1131,and 33 followed by MM33. It has been minimizing his problem for up to a week at a time.

Today he had a crick in his neck so he came to see if Tink could come out and play. We ran 400, 727,787,4200 followed (of course) by MM33. He was feeling relief by the time he left about 10 minutes later.

I told you about my friend, Sue. Her blood pressure was running in the 200's top and bottom. She just did MM33 one time and her blood pressure dropped 20 points on the top and bottom.

I am very jaded these days,I am no longer surprised when Tink dose her stuff so well.

Yesterday Richard ( my 34 year old son) hurt his back at work and had to be taken in to the emergency room. The spasms were so bad that he had knots the size of golf balls all down both sides of his back. He asked me to run the machine on him and see if it would help.

We ran the series for muscle relaxing. 965, 20, 120, 760, 6, 6000, and 304. Followed by, you guessed it, MM33. He is going back to work tomorrow. He got a good nights sleep last night and all the knots are gone.

The stories of Tink's success are endless. I just keep getting better every day.

Oh, I almost forgot. My psychologist said she doesn't need to see me anymore unless I have a manic episode. Tink is doing a better job than the 4 antidepressants I WAS taking every day. Key word here is WAS. I no longer need to be drugged up. Just Tinked up. tee hee. I couldn't help myself on that one.

I will send more news soon. There always seems to be something to report.

Big love , Mickie.

Mickie's Update, 01-09-2001

..."I continue to use Tinkerbelle every day. It works wonders on the pain and swelling of the arthritis and keeps my blood pressure that of a kid. I have not had a single angina attack or chest pain sense I started using her."

[Mickie's ongoing reports will be added as they are recieved.]


Somehow I must have picked up some intestinal bug, thought it was gone, but last night it hit again with a vengeance...severe intestinal cramping...

Finally at 1:30 am I got up, could hardly walk, pulled out emmy and put ground plate on my lower back, lying on couch because I could not even sit comfortably. Started out with 95 hz, slowly rolling the tube around the abdomen, especially where the large intestine runs...the pain was across the entire abdomen. 95 hz reduced it about 30%.

Tried 3000, then to some pathogen freqs. It was somewhere around 800 something said, try a higher octave of 95...so I slowly worked down to 760 (95 x 8).

As I gradually approached 760 it was the strangest thing, the muscles started sucking up the waves like water going into dry sand. Once there, within 10 seconds they started to release. I used 760 for about 15 minutes, rolling the tube around, and was able to go to sleep at that point.

Geez Bruce... thanks... this is now twice that I've experienced relief from acute pain using emmy, but last night was by far the worse of the two. I am washed out today but there is no pain. I'll run some more tonight and include some additional pathogen numbers.

Accellerated Recovery From Broken Wrist 6-30-2000

I recently had a cast removed from a broken left wrist. I also badly injured the tendons.

I used EMMIE (EM+) at : 150 - 200's Hz range, 15 Hz, 50 Hz, 528 Hz while cast was on, then

324 Hz, 528 Hz, 15 Hz (magic 3) while it was off, for 3 to 15 minutes each.

When the cast came off (two weeks early) it was naturally stiff and sore--but strong. And, incidentally, I was surprised that there was absolutely no odor from the inside of the cast on rem oval. NONE. ZERO! Anyway, by about two weeks or so later, I had slacked off using Emmie altogether, and was experiencing bad fatigue--especially when trying to get back to bar chords on the guitar.

Bruce turned me onto the "Magic 3". I know it's hard to buy all this miraculous "Micky's Story" hubub, with her running up and down the stairs and all, but I have to say, I was pretty shocked after trying the new regime. It went from very painful to NO pain. Also I had gained back almost ALL my range of motion. I was playing Layla again with nice clear bar chords. Then I started thinking: maybe there's something to this Micky's story thing and the magic 3 after all. I even went and did a pretty heavy workout at the gym with little pain during and almost none after.

Let me add that I really didn't buy this machine to repair tendons, bones, and soft tissue injuries. This is a side bonus that seems to come with this unit--and to everyone's surprise.

Keep up the good work, Bruce! JN

6-16-2000 Report : FIBROMYALGIA

Several weeks ago a lady (~38 years old) used a model 4 EM device for her fibromyalgia. She stated that the next day she hurt worse than ever, practically unbearable. On the second day things were much better, and she has had several weeks of painless days since.

l am trying to get in touch with her to get the rest of the story, and will report it if possible. She had been to the doctor, he had tested spinal fluid and confirmed fibro (never heard of that test). The freqs she used are as follows:

9000,5000,2128,2184,2720,2084,2008,1865,1550,965,880,864,742,784/788,727,664,4 65,528,328


Subject: Blood Sugar Level decreased dramatically: blood pressure down

Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2000 17:07

From: stenulson@gmail.com


A friend, Marie, in the midst of an ongoing battle with elevated blood sugar levels and elevated blood pressure, stopped by this afternoon. She asked to try the EM+, so we set up a double bubble tube and had her place her bare feet on the stainless steel foot plate. We determined her personal "comfort level' as to the power output level setting, and used the "Magic Three" frequencies that our friend Mickie found to produce such dramatic results:

324 Hz, 528 Hz, 15 Hz for about 4 minutes each, in that sequential order.

She reflected that she generally felt better - more relaxed, etc., after this brief session. She went home to check her blood pressure & blood sugar levels.

Afternoons normally see her blood sugar higher than mornings; with a reading of 183 this morning, and having never seen it below 150 in many months, she was pleasantly surprised to report a reading of 120 late this afternoon.

Afternoons also normally show her blood pressure elevated; this afternoon, it tested 122 over 76 ... the lowest she can remember in a long time.

We'll be getting updates periodically on Marie's progress.


I spoke with Marie again about 6-28-2000. She's using another EM+ system in town about three times a week, and is continuing to see a downward tendancy in her Blood Sugar tests - now below 120 & still gradualy going down further. Her blood pressure is well down in the normal range, too.


In both this case, and Mickie's case, a SYSTEM 5 EM+ was used. These are built now without any spark gap. The RF "Chaos Signal" once theorized to be useful, may not be needed at all... Multiple reports from several EM+ researchers seem to indicate strongly that this is the pattern of observation that is emerging.

A few of the recent dramatic reports have dealt with rapid results with serious conditions, including:

Hepatitis C, Prostate Cancer, Prostatitis, Arthritis, Diverticulitis, Lyme, Hypertension / High Blood Pressure, Heart / Vascular diseases, Diabetes, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Accelerated healing of broken bones, among others.

And it's being accomplished with less than 40 watts of total input power, producing more available output power capability than most researchers are comfortable using.... so they set the output level down to where they're comfortable using it.

Be Well!! Bruce

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

6-12-2000 An EM+ Researcher reports:

I talked with my friend Mike again today. He's the guy I used the triple bubble on to treat his carpal tunnel. He says that since then (over 6 months ago) he's had absolutely no signs of pain. I asked him if he remembered what the freqs. were, and he said we got them from your book: 2008 & 666.

He remembered we kept dividing the number in half until we got down to about about one hundred and something. I remembered we went the furthest starting with 2008. Should have ended at 125.5 dividing by 2.

Keep in mind that this was only one treatment.

Broken Wrist Accellerated Healing: No Bacterial Action Inside Cast

6-13-2000 : Took my cast off my wrist today. Two weeks early. Feels great! A lot of Lower Freqs while it was on: 210-ish, 15, 50, 25, 528 (avg. 5 - 15 minutes each). I also thought it was supposed to wreak of stench when you took off a cast? NO odor at all. I mean none! Fresh as a daisy! Is that because EMMIE is killing bacteria on the skin?

Subject: Praise for frequency treatments and pain reduction. 16 May 2000

An elderly gentleman has been battling cancer of throat and jaw for about 10 years. His tongue has been removed. The problem of no tongue creates many problems: can't talk, lack of digestive enzymes plus difficulty in swallowing. Through all this he has an amazingly good attitude! His main concern is constant and debilitating pain.

A few months back a lady got a pad device for breast cancer. She had a very large tumor that was rapidly spreading. With the pad device she was able to reduce the tumor to small size allowing it to be removed without major loss of tissue (or body parts). Learning of the man's problem, she used the pad device on the man with jaw\throat cancer. The main benefit has been pain reduction.

Later, he sat in on sessons with a BR device and EMEM. He received similar pain reduction. Recently, his family got together to purchase a unit of their own. After much debate they selected the EMEM . (System 4E EM+)

Within one week the gentleman has confirmed that he is now feeling the best that he has for many years. His pain is much relieved. He is able to get around much better at present. He and his family have much praise for the frequency treatments.

Frequencies: 2008, 2050, 2089, 2127 plus 3089, 4200, 727, 880, 666, 528, 465 and 20.



Someone sent a message mentioning a "friend with venous stasis condition,... leg is gray, He has almost lost the leg in the past, and often has open sores." I thought others might be interested in the following:

Some days I wish I had more medical background... it's challenging trying to keep track of all of the info as it is, & I never do remember all of the details that I'd like to.... My impression is that 15 Hz stimulates circulation, of both blood & lymph systems. I've offered this on the lists, but have received limited feedback.

One of the EM researchers in Germany finds the 528 Hz > 15 Hz sequence beneficial with circulation issues. He's also mentioned the Chlamidya pneumoniae connection in most heart issues, & offered the following sequence: 2230, 840, 624, 620, 43.

[Char Boehm mentions adding the DNA genome derived frequency of 471.5 Hz.]

My mother, 74, recently was diagnosed with a ~75% blockage of one of the arteries in her neck; I'd spoken with her the day after I spoke with the researcher in Germany. I suggested she run the sequence noted above daily (on the EM+ system I'd left with her last Thanksgiving) for the three weeks until more elaborate testing was able to be scheduled.

When the time finally came for the tests, they found only a ~50% blockage, and a very smooth texture to it. The specialist reassured her that he didn't feel it was necessary to check it again for another two years, and that no surgery or other measures were needed at all at this time. (Her other doctor has her on medications.)

Whether the initial tests were simply less accurate, or whether this set of frequencies helped, is impossible to say at this time. The frequency sequence may be worth noting for future reference.

Subject: Lyme - diagnosed as meningitis : High Blood Pressure

Date: Sat, 18 Mar 2000 From: "Bruce K. Stenulson"

R S wrote:

> ..." One of the major problems with the Rife treatments, or even doctor treatments is there is no true way of telling what a person has using todays diagnostics. Take lyme for example. It is a doctors diagonosis made from tests that are NOT accurate. Not even 50% accuate in 90% of all the tests.

>"Take a few minutes and look up the symptoms for yeast infection, lyme, wilson syndrome, MS, parkensons, CFS, fybromialigia and several other diseases. Then start marking off the ones that are the same. I think that you will find it amazing that a person could with 80% of the same symptoms could have ANY one of these diseases. So you go to a doctor and what ever he decides to treat you for that is the one he chooses to tell you that you have.

>"So where does that leave the people accually trying to help others? It leave them guessing like the doctors did. Guess work should never be used when it comes to a persons health."


In speaking with an alternative practitioner from Germany yesterday (who spoke at the Rife conference last fall) he mentioned that a woman, age about 27, who had been diagnosed by the allopathic doctors as having Meningitis, came into his clinic.

With all of the symptoms sounding similar to many other cases of Lyme disease he had dealt with, he ran the following frequencies on the EM+, and reported that she felt strong hits on all of them:

742 Hz, 864 Hz, 620 Hz, 688 Hz, 790 Hz

(These are the main frequencies he uses for Lyme; others have been reported previously, [664, 624, 494, 484, 432] and are on the web site on the EM+ Anecdotes page.)


We also discussed high blood pressure briefly, and he commented that whenever seeing this, he suspects involvement with Chlamidya pneumoniae, and mentioned using 2230, 840, 624, 620, [and possibly 43, according to my notes.]

He also has reported seeing the sequence of 528 Hz followed by 15 Hz being very helpful in promoting lymph circulation / drainage. This is the combination that also is reported by many to relieve stress.


3-3-2000: BKS:

In speaking with an alternative practitioner in Europe yesterday, he spoke about his recent good results in dealing with lyme disease in many of his clients, over the last two months since receiving his EM+. He had worked with other radiant plasma systems for the past 2-1/2 years previously, and spoke at the Rife Conference last September.)

This individual has operated an alternative clinic for several years, from 8 to 12 hours a day, using resonant frequency approaches.

I previously passed along the five frequency set that he's now using on the EM+ to see dramatic results for Prostatitis and Prostate Cancer within the first two weeks of treatment. ("I'm getting GREAT results") He reports that 2050 Hz is the most effective / important / powerful frequency of that sequence, and will now use from 8 to 10 to possibly 12 minutes of that frequency in a given session, [with the double bubble in direct contact with the lower abdomen, bare feet on the grounding plate] along with 2250 Hz, 2128 Hz, 690Hz, 666Hz.

I passed along to him the reports from other researchers of using the 'binary sequence' of 528 Hz followed by 15 Hz to relieve stress.

He also is now reporting much greater effectiveness in treating Lyme Disease over the last two months. Some of the frequencies he recommends as being most effective in dealing with Lyme disease are, (in their recommended order of effectiveness):

742 Hz : ("The Most Effective I use, since you told me about it"):(Derived from dividing Hulda Clark's Freq. For the whole Boriella organism, [at one life cycle stage] by 512)

864 Hz ("second most effective I always use")

624 Hz : ("important for promoting Detox")

‘Also For Lyme'

432 Hz, 664 Hz, 688 Hz or 690 Hz : ‘Test for which to use'), 790 Hz, 484 Hz, 494 Hz

(305 to 306 Hz: ("test:- seldom success with this frequency')

You'll see several close correlations between frequencies being reported as effective in this full time practice over the last two months, and the frequencies just posted by Char, derived from the DNA Genome research techniques she has laid out so well for our use. (Might there be an ‘adjustment factor, (or bandwidth consideration) that may come into consideration?)

Other major detox frequencies he uses are 164 Hz and 5227, and 2489 mentioned specifically for the Liver detox.

I'll try to paraphrase as beast I can his further comments in our discussion: Whenever I have someone come in with many problems which I see as often being associated with Lyme Disease, I know that, unless we deal with the Lyme disease first, we will not see lasting results against all of the other organisms & conditions. Also here in Europe, the testing for Lyme disease is very poor in actually detecting it, so we do not rely on those tests."

We discussed many other matters, and a few of these I can share with you at this time. He has told me that he sees the EM+ being his most powerful tool available now in his practice, and that it does not only produce results in two or three sessions which previously might have taken 12 or 15 sessions, but that it somehow seems to be able to reach "Deeper" problems, like the Prostate Cancer and the Lyme conditions, on which he was unable to see consistent, rapid results before with any approach.

I would suggest that these results approximate a form of "Real World Reality Check" that others should find as strong basis for further research. Other researchers will continue to pass along or publish the results of their ongoing research when the time is appropriate; until then, we all have to be more patient than we might like to be.


Ron W. wrote: " So why don't you give us his name. Your testimonials always seem to be anonymous which inevitably detracts from their value. Ron W."

BKS Reply: Ron & Friends,

Specifically because of his individual request that I do so. I respect those requests, in the interest of having any anecdotal reports of this type of dramatic progress at this time, rather than zero feedback. If you choose to disregard these reports until such time as the full published reports come out, (complete with a signature) you're certainly free to do so.

These are pre-publication excerpts, reports of ongoing research. Some real researchers, working with health challenges on a day to day basis, choose to not pass on anything until they have completed their total process and are ready to publish; some are selective as to who they choose to collaborate with in their research. The basis for proposed clinical trials will also likely involve a non-disclosure policy until actual publication at the conclusion of such trials.

In the mean time, some find these reports useful in whatever format available, and when specific frequency sequences for specific conditions are reported to produce better results, it seems appropriate to passthose along. This is the specific information that might benefit a health - challenged individual monitoring these lists- the ones who invariably are also time-challenged. To delay offering these reports would be less than kind....

If you personally do not find them of any use in your own unique research approach, then you're none the less free to continue with our best wishes for your continued progress.

Be Well!! Bruce

Subject: Frequencies Below 37 Hz ?! : 28 Feb 2000

From:"Bruce K. Stenulson"


T wrote:

"Jeff Morency maintains that all frequencies under 37Hz are mind frequencies and do not kill anything. He prices his machines accordingly by offering one without and one with."

BKS: "We know that many frequencies below Jeff's 37Hz are * very effective * and beneficial for physical conditions when used on the EM+ systems in a Resonant Plasma direct contact mode of resonance induction:

15 Hz works for joint 'ailments' - hands, wrists, knees, etc. It also promotes lymph system drainage, reduces swelling, increases mobility. It is the primary frequency I use when my hand / wrist has been overworked, & gets achy / tingly / stiff. Direct contact of the plasma tube with my hand / wrist for about 5 minutes (while also grounded at the bare feet) will show major improvement within the following 5 to 10 minutes.

10 Hz will reduce a headache for me to a small fraction of what it was in 10 minutes or less after a 4 to 5 minute session; (again, plasma tube in direct contact with the head, using the bare feet on the grounding plate. This was one of the possible research applications for which the large cylindrical coil plasma containment vessel was developed, as it has an 8-1/2" inside diameter- also fits nicely around knees, ankles, etc.)

A research report on two cases of 'tennis elbow' used a binary sequence of 734 Hz followed by 8Hz, with rapid & dramatic improvement within the following three days. Again, these results are reported when being used in a direct plasma tube contract mode of resonance induction, using the grounded stainless steel foot plate under bare feet to achieve the most dynamic resonance induction possible.

Researchers report employing the conductive gell normally used to increase conductivity of EKG electrodes, to enhance the coupling of the resonant plasma's energy into specific target areas, and report observing enhanced effectiveness

A researcher with a seizure disorder (of unknown cause) uses the binary sequence of 528Hz followed by 15Hz, and reports being free of seizures for an extended period (several days?) after.

This binary sequence also is reportedly observed to reduce stress and promote mental clarity and a feeling of 'balance'.

Again, these reports are being received from researchers using the EM+ Resonant Radiant Plasma Systems in a direct contact plasma induction mode. It may be that the same results will not be observed when the lower frequencies are used as modulation on an RF Carrier based Radiant system design, where you must keep your distance from the plasma tube to avoid the adverse effects of RF exposure.

Some of these localized results for specific conditions or 'ailments' may be uniquely achievable to these degrees only with the direct contact mode of plasma resonance induction. Having virtually ALL of the energy radiated from the plasma tube resonate directly at the primary "Rife" pulse repetition rate may also be very significant in many research applications. Certainly more research needs to be pursued along these lines.

Everything Vibrates" is a statement made by Hulda Clark. Others use different wording: "Everything IS Resonance". Therefore, trying to conceptualize the body as a house with termites gnawing through it's framing will not bring us to insight. The body is far more an energy structure than a mechanical assemblage of parts. And that energy structure extends beyond the Newtonian paradigm of 'billiard ball mechanics'.

Disrupting of specific micro-organisms is known / observed to occur when specific resonances are induced within the body's resonant energy structure, but let's not fall into the trap, the tunnel vision view, and ignore all of the other dynamics that are undoubtedly occurring.

Inducing resonance into a resonant energy structure will undoubtedly have effects throughout multiple aspects of such a resonant energy structure; hence, the observations of effects on emotional and mental aspects, as well as physical conditions.

I'm not prepared to write further on this extensive subject at this time... I'd suggest the books of Robert O. Becker (" Cross Currents"), Dr. Richard Gerber ("Vibrational Medecine"), and Caroline Myss ("Why People Don't Heal, And How They Can"), among others, if you're looking for further insight into this field of research.


Subject: Another good effect! Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2000

Had radical prostectomy over a year ago. Last three months I developed a very uncomfortable area in groin. Don't know if it was result of some form of infection, cancer returning, or simply result of surgical adhesions. Was becoming more uncomfortable by the day. Just didn't get around to going to the Doctor.

One night while treating a sore throat with my EMEM4, I held the spiral tube over that area a few minutes. That was over a week ago. The uncomfortable feeling is gone. Feels perfectly normal.


A Rife List Member wrote on 2-16-2000:

Hi folks,

Does anyone know whether a person can safely undergo both conventional radiation therapy and Rife frequency treatments at the same time? If not, why not( is it harmful, does one cancel out the other, etc.)?

BKS Response:

Reports from the past indicate that Rife treatments have better effects for people who have not undergone Chemo & Radiation. A recent report is more promising, however.

A researcher took an EM+ system to a friend in Canada (with testicular cancer) who had undergone radiation & Chemo after removal of one testicle. They had temporarily stopped the chemo because of his reaction to it.

After one week of working with the system, along with some herbal and nutritional protocols, the subject went back in to the doctor for some testing / blood work. The doctor, after seeing the test results, said to him, "I've never seen anyone's blood work look so good, improve so much in just one week... What have you been doing?"

The guy answered, "Oh, some herbs and alternative stuff."

Hopefully a more complete report of the herbal and frequency protocols used in this instance will be written up & made available.

Does it 'prove' anything? Hardly....

Is it significant grounds for further research?

I'll let you answer that one :-))

Be Well!! Bruce

Dramatic Results Reported : Prostatitis / Enlarged Prostate

Feb. 9th, 2000

An alternative health practitioner / researcher in Germany received a "System 4C EM+" research system in January of this year, after using two Rife/Bare/ Tunney systems from Canada in his practice for the last two years ( reportedly in use from 8 to 12 hours per day on many occasions.)

While still only about 40 years old, he reports having personal problems with Prostatitis, which two years of exposure to the RF carrier mode Rife systems has not helped.

Since the arrival of the EM+, he reports that this condition has improved dramatically within less than two weeks of usage. While he previously found himself up multiple times at night to urinate, he reports that after working with the EM+ system [with the spiral plasma tube hand piece in contact with the bare skin of the lower abdomen, both feet on the stainless steel grounding plate] he is up only once, or not at all... and the flow is improved.

But this is but a part of his report. He is also saying that his Libido / Virility has been dramatically stimulated, and relations with his wife are now far improved over what they had been a mere two weeks earlier. (I'll not get graphic- let's just say they're both happier about this development...)

The frequencies mentioned in our phone conversation are:

2250, 2050, 2128, 690, 666 (for 4 to 5 minutes each, as I remember the conversation.)

The spiral plasma tube hand piece he is using is an 80% Argon, 20% Neon blend, 10 mm pressure, well aged / purified, being run on the EM+ system set at power output level settings as high as he is comfortable using.

Other researchers report good results in using the conductive gel normally used with EKG electrodes to further enhance the coupling of the resonant plasma's energy into the specific desired area of the body.

Another researcher with Prostatitis, recently receiving a Zapper HFA-4AV High Frequency Adjustable Zapper, used the same frequency protocol daily, and has reported the same dramatic results within less than 5 days. (A PSA test is scheduled within another two weeks, and so we'll await the report from that test.) That these dramatic results are also being achieved with a contact induction resonant frequency device is very promising. Some might find this surprising; others will not.

As always, these are reports of the experimental / research results by two researchers, and while they do not in any way constitute ‘proof', they offer grounds for hope, and direction for further research. As the saying goes, "your mileage may vary."

Our thanks go out to these individuals for sharing their personal research results in a timely fashion, even if in an anonymous mode at this time. While many might like further details, we may need to be patient in waiting for further reports. In my experience, less than 5% of those pursuing research with resonant frequency induction systems, actually find the time to share their results. Others have their own reasons for not sharing the results of their research. We simply need to be patient, and be grateful for what we do receive.

Subject: Diverticulitis & new E-gas use Feb 5th, 2000


This is a report I received from another researcher, who gave permission to pass it along to all of you. It is simply one researcher's report of their own personal experience, which you may find of use in your own research.


Hi Bruce:

I was diagnosed with diverticulitis in March of 99. It causes a tenderness in my abdomen like the feeling of appendicitis. I've been lucky that I haven't had many flare-ups since then. But when they do occur, I get puffy, constipated , and very sore in my abdomen. The other week, I felt an attack coming on, and this time, I hooked up the em+ model 4B with a triple bubble tube with the new higher pressure E- gas. As I sat with my bare butt on the stainless steel ground plate, I took the triple bubble from the tube stand, holding it only by the electrode covers, so that the energy from the center large bubble, could make direct contact to the skin. I started out with 934 Hz for about 4-5 minutes. Then I worked myself down to frequencies in the low 600's to 400 Hz ranges. I experimented with frequencies I could feel, just tweaking it down slowly as I went down the scales on the meters.

The tube would sing when I hit certain frequencies over the spot where the soreness was located. My stomach would contract with the frequencies. I also felt a heat from the tube I had never felt before, as if it were infrared coming from the orange glow where the tube was making contact.

I ran these frequencies for around 20 minutes and pounded it very hard. About an hour to hour and 1/2 later, I had severe detox reactions. The next morning, the tenderness in my abdomen was totally gone. It hasn't reoccurred since. I have never had this kind of relief so fast. Just wanted to pass this on.

From a EMEM+ Researcher ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

[BKS Note:] Recent information from another researcher reveals that many of the stronger spectral emissions from Neon gas, as well as Argon, occur within the Infra-red portion of the spectrum... further research is being pursued on this subject. This may correlate with the sensation of deeply penetrating heat in the area of application.... an intriguing subject to look into further. This effect seems to be more noticeable / dramatic with the E-gas than it is with the 80/20 Argon / Neon blends which have been used so extensively in the past.

Be Well!! Bruce

MOLES" Feb 4th, 2000

M wrote to ask the Rife List:

..." I have tried all the frequencies I know for moles using my Rife/Bare/Tunney machine for over a week with no results (20, 120, 177,600, 625, 626, 650, 659, 660, 728, 784, 880, & 464).

J S reports achieving wonderful results in a week's time using his zapper at 39khz. Does anyone know what frequency I could use on my machine that would be equivalent to this zapper frequency?

Might I be doing something else wrong? M "

[BKS Response:] M,

In certain instances, contact induction resonant frequency devices may have advantages over the purely radiant mode devices.(Even the magnetic pulsers are uniquely effective for certain applications, and moles are one of them...)

Knowing how effective the contact mode was with the high frequency adjustable pad device, the HFA-4 series, I collaborated with Barry Allred on the design of the plasma tube hand pieces in early 1999, and redesigned the earlier versions of the EM+ to use / drive them effectively. The system's design has continued to evolve rapidly from there.

These spiral wrapped plasma tube hand pieces, used on the EM+ systems, allow the induction of the resonant radiant plasma's energy into the body by direct contact with a specific area, if desired. Researchers are even using the conductive gell that's used with EKG electrodes, to increase the transfer of energy into the specific target area even more dynamically (especially in the Prostate Cancer volunteer's cases, where such dramatic results have been reported.)

The greatly increased amplitude of induced resonance within the body achieved by this technique is said by several researchers (who have worked with RF carrier bases radiant devices previously) to be producing results in 1/2 to 1/4 the time that was possible with a purely radiant mode technique... and in some cases, getting results they could not get with the radiant mode RF carrier devices. Since the EM+ systems do not use / need an RF carrier, there are no RF hazards associated with it's use. Be Well!! Bruce

Response to Questions about the " Photon Sound Beam" Feb. 3rd, 2000

M G wrote:

Has anyone had any experience with this machine? I have built 2 machines in the past, 1 based on James Bare's Book, and the other using the EMEM principle, I call a Doug Machine.

My wife used a photon beam unit tonight, and it is a shocking experience, literally. It's like grabbing onto a spark plug from a motor. It's fine if it's right on your skin. Has anyone had any succes with this type of machine, specifically for Lyme disease, or killing parasites?

Thanks. M G


BKS Reply:

Researchers in AZ have told me of a Prostate Cancer volunteer who bought & used a Photon Sound Beam at the $1995 price, expecting to see a reduction in his PSA test results... and was very disappointed to see no reduction at the end of a couple of months of use. In contrast, the volunteers working there with the EM+ with the spiral plasma tube hand piece are consistently reducing their PSA test results; this has been reported at the Rife Conference last fall, & reported to the lists since- it might be able to be found in the archives. A more recent report from Germany on rapid results on Prostatitis (Enlarged prostate) within under two weeks is very promising, and will be written up and posted to the list soon. Progress in Sweden on ALS is also reported,

The difference? I can only speculate that the single electrode tube approach used by the photon sound beam does not dynamically drive the plasma in the same dynamic manner as the EM+.

Dual electrode plasma containment vessels can be far more dynamically driven, it becomes apparent, inducing more dynamic resonance within the target. The plasma gas within these dual electrode tubes can also be properly purified and 'aged', resulting in greater radiated signal strength when the aging is completed than you would be able to get from a non-aged tube.

That tube factor, coupled with the PSB's having only 6 or 7 frequencies pre-set as I remember it, rather than a fully adjustable frequency output range, seem to be it's most obvious limitations. (How precisely the pre-set frequencies are actually generated is another question I've not had answered...)

Lots of things can be used to cause a plasma tube to light up... but that may not mean that an effective dynamic resonance is being induced into the subject, as is needed. As they say, "The lights are on... but is anybody home?" :>)

Be Well!! Bruce


In a recent personal encounter with the viruses being passed around [Dec. 1999], I developed a very nasty, persistent cough first. I placed the spiral hand piece directly on my upper chest, while also working with hands on the Neon double bubble tube, and both bare feet on the stainless steel 'grounded' plate. I ran 2398, 2544, and 5608 Hz, 5 minutes each, in the morning after waking up with a constant cough... and didn't cough once again until well into the evening...

Unfortunately, this gave me a bit of over-confidence in having dealt with the entire 'virus soup' so quickly and effectively, and as a result, I continued on with a busy schedule, rather than going on to run other frequencies that I probably should have at that time. ... It caught up with me the following day, as symptoms began to move into the sinuses / head!

This time, I started working with frequencies in the lower Adeno-virus ranges: 647Hz, 676Hz, 687 Hz, and then 1215Hz; then also 652 Hz, 724 Hz, 746 Hz, 768Hz.

Detox manifested as pain throughout the body, & I still dealt with minor fever / chills in a couple of brief episodes, but I came through without any digestive system disturbances at all. Meanwhile, my wife, by using a few of the frequencies noted above once, and simply being in the same house with the radiant output field from the system, never developed any further symptoms at all.

Using whatever equipment you have available at the * VERY first sign * of the onset of symptoms is the best advice I can offer... being 'too busy' to take the time to take care of yourself is a mistake we let ourselves make too often. As Brian has pointed out so eloquently before, "Viruses cause cell damage, and cell damage results / manifests as symptoms..." Once the cellular damage has been done, the 'symptoms' well persist until the damage has been repaired.

Be Well!! Bruce K. Stenulson

A Rife List participant wrote:

..."If I put a piece of dry ice near my tube which is powered by a pulsed plasma sphere power supply nothing much happens. But when I bring a ground wire near the dry ice there is a a powerful stream going towards the tube and blowing dry ice vapor all over the place. It is so strong that it cleans the frozen water vapor off of the dry ice.What is going on here? Negative air ions being attracted to the positive tube, or something else. [snip] Amateur science must go on. M.F.

[BKS response] Friends,

I've noticed the greatest corona discharge and visible open air coupling from a plasma tube to my body when working with the large 5 coil, 8-1/2" inside diameter, cylindrical plasma containment vessel; it will produce an open air arc to the tips of 8 fingers simultaneously for at least 1/8" in our dry air, and more in humid air. (Driven with the EM+)

There's a slight sensation of warmth, but no discomfort, when not simultaneously using the stainless steel grounding plate or a secondary plasma containment vessel as the 'grounding' device. It's deceptive to refer to the secondary plasma device / plate as 'grounded', since there's so much more going on, on that side of the system, in reference to the two electrode, dynamically resonant primary plasma containment vessel... much more needs to be written on these observations, but there simply are not enough hours in the days!

(I find myself using 1056Hz when working with these plasma dynamics observations; it's one octave up from the 528 "DNA Repair" frequency out of Horrowitz's material, and seems to promote mental clarity. Other researchers are referring to it as 'the Prozac Frequency', especially when followed with 15Hz.)

The large coil, (as mentioned previously), is highly directional in the radiation of the plasma energy out the axis to * One End Only *; it's like there's a wall at the back end of the coil. This effect of a directionally radiated plasma energy field is completely produced by the resonant plasma dynamics itself, as it is being driven on the EM+ system.

I'm personally working more with multiple plasma tubes simultaneously driven; I'll use an Argon / Neon blend Double Bubble tube, and a pure Neon filled double bubble tube, and one of the spiral hand pieces, connected sequentially.

(The pure neon is being used / researched, based on recent understandings that the spectral emissions between 590nM and 630nM may be far more biologically active on the Cytochrome A in our cells, than other wavelengths of photon emissions. This is where pure neon is strongest, and possibly also a contributing factor in the reported effectiveness of the Argon / Neon blends being used to produce the consistent reductions of PSA test results in Prostate Cancer volunteers.)

Subject: GOUT relief being quickly seen using EMEM2+ / EM+ ; Fri, 10 Dec 1999


I've received reports of two individuals with a history of problems with GOUT, having fast results using the EMEM2+ / EM+ systems which I've built for another researcher. These individuals both worked with the system, using both hands on the radiant plasma tube, and both bare feet on the stainless steel grounded foot plate.

The first individual / volunteer sat for two sessions last spring, and has been gout-free since then. the second volunteer sat for one session recently; here are his own words, just received:


..."just a few months prior to my treatment I had been suffering with constant GOUT pain, in spite of taking medication. 2 days before getting my only treatment I quit taking the medicine in order to test the machines effectiveness. After 1 day the pain reduced 20%, after 2 days 50%, after 3 days 100% !

I have not taken my prescribed drug since and have only experienced temporary pain 10-20% over the past week. Altogether 10 days have pasted since my treatment, I will continue to monitor my progress. "...


Frequencies reported used in this most recent case included frequencies from Brian McInturff's Consolidated Annotated Frequency List from the listings for Gout and for Rheumatoid Arthritis, including these frequencies that are listed for gout:

10,000, 3000, 880, 787, 727, 20,

plus the following which are not listed in the main Gout listing : 15, 12, 10

which seem to stimulate circulation in both the blood and lymph systems when used in the plasma contact / grounded mode of usage on the EM+ systems.

Other frequencies from the Rheumatoid Arthritis listing may have also been used, but were not mentioned / noted in the phone conversation, according to notes I scribbled quickly. About 3 minutes per frequency were used, as I understand it.

This second volunteer's wife is a Nurse, and is obviously very interested...

Be Well!! Bruce


This is in response to your request for the prostate protocols that I have been using over the past two years.

Frequencies that I have used in the past to help with prostate problems are as follows:

10,000/5,000/2250/2154/2128/2050/2008/1875/1864/1500/1250/1223/1064/1004/ 937/880/787/728/465/447/316/60/20.
INITIALLY, I run them each for 1 minute waivered (D=5,S=1,R=2) WHILE I AM RUNNING THE BIOTRON, to tell me each time I get a hit. Because everyone is unique, each person may get a hit on different frequencies. THEN, I run each frequency on which I got a hit for 4 minutes waivered. Each session the time is increased until I get to 8 minutes on each frequency. If the volunteer feels any discomfort during or following a session, I do not increase the time until the body makes the necessary adjustment to handling all the toxins.

The frequencies that got the hit have been used with both the B/R unit and the EMEM2+ unit--sometimes both units have been used simultaneously. So far, all volunteers have supplemented the sessions in my lab with one or more of the following remedies between visits: Flor-Essence; Dr. Christopher's Red Clover, Flax Seed Oil, Oregamax, Emu Oil, Venus Fly Trap, Prost, Anne's Tea, IMU Spectrum, Chang Shou, and Apple Cider Vinegar with Honey. I suggest the 6 day 6 week rule be followed. A baseline is taken monthly with the BioTron to monitor any changes in energy in all meridians. When tumors are near enough to the surface to be felt, it is recommended that the Enerpathic L.I.T.E. be purchased($100) and used daily. Over 100 Stimutrons (Zappers) have been made available to all volunteers who are encouraged to purchase ($50) and use daily for maintenance of a balance of energy in all meridians.

I am open to adding frequencies for testing to the above list that others may have found to be effective. Those volunteers that have been poisoned and/or burned prior to coming in for sessions do not recover as rapidly, if at all, but they do seem to experience a better quality of life until their death.

Respectfully, B L

Unpublished Reports?!? 10-14-99

Many seem to be too busy to pass on the results of their research; others may have a bit of a concern that they might be harassed or prosecuted for something like 'practicing medicine without a license' or such, as Hulda Clark was recently... For whatever reasons, while we hear bits & pieces, the more elaborate reports are slow to get back to us. At this time, I'll take the liberty of passing along a few fragmentary tidbits, to tantalize you as to the possibilities reportedly being experienced by some researchers. You'll have to be patient, along with me, for the rest of *these* stories! :-)

I'm told of several volunteers with Prostate Cancer showing dramatic reductions in PSA test results, from those using the EMEM2+ systems with the Radiant Plasma Spiral hand piece. This plasma handpiece, (built by Barry Allred,) has 5 foot leads for ease of use, and is being used directly in contact with the desired target area, while working with the stainless steel grounded foot plate under the back. [This technique produces the most dynamic plasma induced resonance in the target are of any of the 4 possible modes of usage.]

There's another 'unofficial' report of a volunteer with a PSA of over 200, working with this type of system while simultaneously being exposed to the Rife/Bare system's radiant output. In 15 days if intensive exposures, the PSA was reduced dramatically, being retested at the end of the period at 11 yes, Eleven... A more detailed report is promised...

There's a story of a woman volunteer with a lump in her breast asking to use an EMEM2+ with the spiral plasma tube hand piece. After 4 sessions over a two week period, another test showed the lump was no longer detectable... A further report has been promised, but has not been passed along yet...

One researcher had found that Saint John's Wort has helped in handling stress for the past year. Recently, He tried the newly reported 528 Hz (mentioned on Dr. Horowitz's web site as being associated with 'DNA Repair', using a large cylindrical spiral coil tube around his head; the grounding plate was not used in this session. (Allred craftsmanship again...) (15 Hz was also used in this session, I'm told.) The following day was a typical frantic Monday, yet he found himself curiously relaxed and centered all day... in fact, on that following Wednesday, he still had not had the return of the stressed or frazzled feeling that he had previously lived with on a steady basis, keeping on a steady supplementation of the St. John's Wort previously. He expressed an intention to continue to work with the 528 Hz & 15 Hz... a further report may follow...

Another researcher reported a rapid and dramatic draining of lymph blockages, using a high volume single bubble tube in contact with the area.... a further report will hopefully follow...

734 Hz & 8 Hz were used by one volunteer to dramatically help an elbow that had been stiff & sore for several months; "she reported several days later," this helped my elbow more than anything else I've tried...." a follow-up report will be forthcoming...

A friend's wife with Parkinson's uses 6000 Hz to shut down the tremors at their onset in about 2 minutes typically; (it was taking about 5 minutes with the HFA-4AVR previously.) Their research system has a Allred single bubble tube, on which she places both hands while having her bare feel on a stainless steel grounded foot plate.

Another researcher, who's father was sent home by his doctors with terminal liver cancer, tells me that his father is reportedly 'Feeling & Doing Great!", working with a large triple bubble tube in contact with the desired area while lying on the stainless steel grounding plate. Frequencies from Turf's lists are being used, along with an extensive nutritional regimen.

Another researcher, who had previously built about ten Rife/Bare systems, is now working with the Model 4 : comments on 10-15-99:

You are right, many experimenters are reluctant to disclose their results with frequency devices for various reasons. l have been collecting a few "stories" from users recently, mostly using Stenulson's emem4. The details are sketchy and freqs used aren't always given, but those involved seem genuinely excited:

62 year old female, recent sudden onset of severe arthritis in right knee, one treatment with large bubble tube on knee, feet on ground plate, using 880, 728, 1550, "totally gone within the same day, back to walking daily again" Treatment was 2 months ago.

50 year old female, tooth coming out of socket, dentist ready to remove, flat coil hand held device used on 2720 and others, essential oils applied, dentist sez tooth will probably be saved.

Approximately 50 year old male with severe ear infection, several different antibiotics used with no results, hand tube used on ear and cavity behind ear, regular bacterial freqs, next morning ear draining nicely, clearing up . (no follow up)

42 year old male with severe lymph blockage in head and face, used lymph freqs from Turf's page, "after treating one side of the head, that side looked totally different from the other immediately." Supposedly drainage was achieved.

39 year old female, chronic sinus infections, large bubble used as radient device, freqs from Turf caused quick drainage and subsequent reversal of infection.

48 year old male, swollen arthritic hands, large Allred bubble was used on 727, 880, 1550, 2720, relief was almost immediate and continued to progress the next day, symptoms began to return in about 10 days, no new report.

l hear rumblings of researchers having success with more serious maladies, but l have no reports at this time. Much work is being done and more reports, although anecdotal, will be coming.

l personally feel that, with some of the more consistent, predictable devices being built now by some builders, the issue is no longer a concern of machine effectiveness, but that of correct freq being used. We have all seen what can happen if you luck up and hit the right frequency, now let's take the luck part out of it!!


A friend had orthoscopic surgery on the cartilage in her knees late last year, and was still having some problems. About two months ago, the cylindrical coil tube shown in the photo above was built on a form I sent to Barry Allred, sized large enough to be specifically used around knees and possibly over the head, (as well as in proximity to the microscope in pathogen disruption experiments). The photo above illustrates the use of one of these. Several hours later, she called to say that her knees definitely were feeling "smoother". I'll try to get a full report later, in her own words, after she has a chance to use the cylindrical coil tube more. This is a promising design; the five coil tube requires more precise drive control, but radiates a very dynamic, directional output through the center and out the axis primarily from one end. This design is also being used on hands, wrists, and elbows; preliminary results are very promising!

Subject: Re: [RF]: Peripheral circulation side effects of using bioelectronics

Date: Sun, 04 Jul 1999

From: "Bruce K. Stenulson"

Brian McInturff wrote: {--- Someone recently asked me about an apparent side effect from using an EMEM2+. It was that shortly after demonsrating the device, using only 880 and 1550 for a short time, one of the person's knuckles turned black. Could this be a side effect from using an EMEM, zapper, or BRG? Yes! [snip]

BKS Reply:This relates directly to a (more complete?) verbal report I heard from another researcher early last month; I'll try to pass on as much as I remember...

An EMEM2+ researcher took his system by a friend's place to demonstrate the system- she had used other resonant frequency devices before, and was "in to" alternative health approaches.

Only a couple of frequencies were run, about 3 minutes each... at the time, the user had not mentioned it, but a knuckle on one finger had been stiff for quite a while- (several years, as I remember it being told- third hand verbal reports can leave a lot to be desired in the form of specific details! :-)) and previous device usage, and nutritional approaches had not changed it's condition.

After the EMEM2+ demo session, her knuckle turned black and blue... but the stiffness and aching that had been present for several years was dramaticly relieved.

Over the next couple of days, the black and blue cleared, and a spot on the knuckle began to form into what developed over the next couple days to resemble "a pimple", I was told.

When the 'pimple' finally opened, clear fluid drained out, and it "looked like the hole went all the way down to the bone". This subsequently healed, leaving her without the stiffness and pain in the joint that had persisted for several years.

What was the cause of the stiffness in the knuckle that the EMEM2+ exposure caused to open to the surface and drain in this way? A pocket of bacteria- a possible parasitic involvement? A small cyst or tumor deep in the knuckle area? The black and blue was the first stage of this condition ultimately clearing, as the report was related to me.

Intrigueing story, which unfortunately leaves us with more questions than answers again...

Be Well!! Bruce

This last anecdote relates to / reminds me of another which I'll add here now:

An older friend, in his '70's, stopped by an EMEM2+ researcher's home one day for lunch while traveling through. In the course of a conversation, he mentioned that he had an aching pain in his palm, at the base of his left thumb, that had started about four days before, and had not changed or let up. He could not remember having done anything to injure it or agrevate it. After being introduced to the EMEM2+ he asked to try it on his hand. An External Plasma Tube Hand Piece was used, with the face of the spiral plasma tube held directly against the area that was bothering him. I believe 727 Hz was the frequency used.

Within less than 5 minutes, he said, "Hey, I think the ache is going away!"

Next, for good measure, an "Auto Thumpy" was run for about 2 or three minutes, but even before it was used, the pain was gone.

Many times, we don't hear "the rest of the story" , but in this case, the same older friend reported about two weeks later," It's great- it hasn't bothered me at all since!"

Subject: EMEM2+ gets results! Date: Sun, 11 Apr 1999

Hi : I wanted to write you to introduce myself. Kathy, Barry's significant other.

Barry has kept me informed about your machine, and all the advances you have made. since the first emem2 machine was built. He started using your machine on each of us, for our various ailment.... and I have got to say that, we have both started feeling better since we have started using your new emem2+ machine. Barry just dials up the frequencies we want to use, and we have tried it with the bubble tubes and the new hand held pieces, and both really work depending on what you want to use them for.

Last night, my dad, who has major problems with his knee cartilage, used Barry's new 3 bubble tube that he just made with an 80/20 mixture.

My Dad held the 2 smaller bubbles on the sides with the larger bubble in the middle, with your machine, directly on his knee. Today, he was not in pain, like he usually is, all the time. Barry used arthritis and bone regeneration frequencies and My Dad's much better.

I also want to mention my own successes with the machine and Barry's bulb. Barry used the machine on me last week for swelling in my legs and feet, as well as some chemical burns. I have to say that the frequencies he used for the swelling made me better within 24 hours. I was so swelled before, that I had made a doctor's appt. for a checkup. After Barry ran the machine on me though, I canncelled the appt.

Also, Bruce, my Mother experiences the same swelling, along with problems with her heart beat and arthritis. After coming over to Barry's last night to try some frequencies, she felt so much better today.

I can tell the difference in your machine, and my parents, can too. We all have tried Dan Tracey's machine and it is wonderful, in its own way,but you take this machine to the next level.

Congradulations on making it better!

Best regards, Kathy

Subject: EMEM2 Run Times Date: Tue, 9 Mar 1999 From: "Richard E. Loyd, Ph.D."

Here are a couple anecdotes. First, Dan Tracy reports that he recently came down with the flu and ran some colds/flu/pneumonia frequencies (727,770,776,780,787,800,880,4200) for 3 minutes each, 5 times during the day. Cleared it right up.

The second one is a local man who had systemic yeast problem for over 30 years with daily draining from his ears. He built himself an EMEM2 and ran 465Hz for 3 minutes several different times without success. Then he placed the EMEM2 on a bedside table. He went to bed with the foot plate contacting his body, and one hand on the copper wrap. He did runs up to an hour this way, and even fell asleep like that once. He reports that it appears to have solved the problem - no signs of it for a week. Dick

..."Incidently, while running the above prototype EMEM unit with a very short tube 15mm dia by 250mm long filled with Argon and checking wave forms and frequency response, I have noticed that a very stubborn " blemish" on my right hand is disappearing. Unfortuanately I have gone accross a wide range of EMEM frequencies and do not know which frequency is clearing the blemish. I suspect some where around 1375Hz as this is where the tube glows brightest and is the area where I spent a lot of time at. Best Regards, Pete..."

Subject: Cystitis; Date: Sun, 24 Jan 1999; From: J R

Hear ye! Hear ye!

24 hours ago I used the EMEM2 on a woman who has had cystitis for the past year. She has taken loads of antibiotics without a great deal of result. She normally gets up three times a night to urinate. Also she has had years of bronchial inflammation and asthma.

We used 727, 776, 787, 800, 880Hz (3 mins. each) plus 432Hz for immune boost (5 mins.). Interestingly the frequencies given for cystitis and asthma/bronchitis/pneumonia are almost identical.

I just got a phone call from her saying that, for the first time in a year, she didn't have to get up in the night at all. Yahoo!




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