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Hello, and Welcome to this web site. My name is Bruce Stenulson. My own quest for better health has lead me on a fascinating journey of discovery that continues to unfold. I've tried to share some of what I've discovered with you. Some of it might crowd the borders of your personal 'comfort zone'. [Sometimes we find it helpful to temporarily suspend both Belief and Disbelief simultaneously in an effort to be open to new insights.....]

I've tried to offer some of the information I've collected, compiled, and written on Bio-electronics, Bio-Resonance, Bioelectromagnetics, Electro-medicine. Also, you'll find some anecdotal reports of experimental research use of experimental Resonant Radiant Plasma Systems, Resonant Frequency Generating research devices.

Many people are searching for alternative answers in their search for a return to better health. Some of the material you will find here ranges from well proven methods, to newly proposed, as yet unproven concepts, theories, and insights. Please read "OUR MISSION STATEMENT"


This statement, By Hulda Clark (among many others) is a basis for the application of all of the various "Induced Resonance" Frequency experimental and research approaches I've presented here. These applications have included my own variations on RESONANT RADIANT PLASMA Resonant Frequency Induction devices- the EM+ systems.

All of these devices and applications have one thing in common; they all are designed to produce / induce resonances within the body- resonances which are either disruptive to bacteria, parasites, and viruses, or which stimulate normalization of system functions.

Rife referred to the 'MOR', the 'Mortal Oscillatory Rate' of pathogens, and researchers who later worked with him, following in his footsteps and expanding upon his research, developed an extensive list of frequencies which could be used to disrupt specific pathogens, or to benefit individuals with certain diseases or afflictions.

Hulda Clark's research, as published in 1995 in her book, "The Cure For All Diseases" and in several later books, has given us an entirely separate list of frequencies of specific parasites, bacteria, and viruses, in frequency ranges several octaves higher than those commonly referred to as "Rife" Frequencies. Her newer research work goes beyond what she was able to offer us at that time, and continued to evolve until her passing.

More recently, dramatic reductions of elevated Blood Pressure, and reductions of elevated blood sugar levels, as well as stabilization of Bipolar disorders, point to other beneficial effects possible from the induction of specific resonances at adequate amplitudes. Stimulation of a return towards more normal liver and pancreas function seem to be indicated by preliminary reports, and offer promising grounds for further research. Results on prostatitis and prostate cancer are being achieved more quickly than was previously seen with other approaches, using the newer generations of the EM+ series of Resonant Radiant Plasma devices, which can be used both in a direct contact mode of application, as well as in a 'radiant mode'.

Richard Gerber, M.D.'s book, "Vibrational Medecine For The 21st Century" offers valuable insite into the nature of the body as a multi-level Bio-energetic system.

C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph. D, writes, in his book "Sacred Healing" : "There has been one great advance created by managed health care; it drives people to seek personal responsibility for their health outside 'the system.' [This book] offers those people willing to take this responsibility a marvelous resource. If you are ready to go on a personal search for energetic / vibrational health, this book is a must."

James L. Oschman's book, "Energy Medecine - The Scientific Basis" is described as 'a concrete, scientifically grounded and usable text that effectively describes the seemingly abstract concept of human energetic systems. Technology has now evolved to the point where we can observe and interact with those energetic aspects most often previously described in spiritual metaphor."

Robert O. Becker's book, "Cross Currents: The Promise Of Electro-Medicine, The Perils Of Electro-Pollution" offers reports of promising research results, but also raises the uncomfortable questions as to the "STRESS EFFECTS" upon the body and it's health and well-being produced by exposures to even very low levels of RF & EMF signals that are pervasive in our present age of communications and 'convenience' technology.

Research reports from many grass-roots have indicated that a wide variety of these various experimental resonant frequency generating devices are alleviating a wide range of conditions, from colds and flu, to parasite infestation, to chronic sinus infections, yeast infections, and including Lyme disease, HIV, and Cancer in some cases. Some experimental approaches are more suitable for certain applications than others. The Anecdotal Reports from researchers aren't offered as 'proof' of anything- they only offer grounds for hope, and insight for further research.

While the wide variety of devices used in research applications today act from a similar conceptual basis (induced resonance), they are definitely not all the same in their operational dynamics, in the characteristics of the resonance waveforms which they produce and induce; there are therefore variations in the reported results being achieved.

Realize that there are no "MAGIC BULLETS" offered here. Most of the health problems that some of us experience didn't arise instantly, and are the result of a combination of environmental and dietary contributions over a long period of time. Also consider: healing of the physical body may not be effectively implemented if the emotional and spiritual aspects of life are not also involved in the process. Healing is something which occurs from within - it's really not something that someone else can do to you, or for you...

Until and unless these underlying negative factors (nutritional, environmental, emotional, spiritual) are changed within our personal living environments and our perspective on "well-being", a return to better health is less than certain.

Also, the aspect of 'intentionally' should not be disreguarded. It's probably a good idea to keep in mind what Raymon Grace has written in his book "The Future Is Yours - Do Something About It" :

"All things are composed of energy in one form or another, even our thoughts...... Thoughts are composed of the same energy that makes up everything around us. If this is true, then we ought to be able to create future events with our thoughts. It seems that we can."

The EM+ series of Resonant Radiant Plasma experimental research equipment I previously designed and made available to some researchers do NOT USE, and does not NEED any "RF Carrier" or "Spark Gap Generated' wide spectrum chaotic noise signal in order to effectively induce resonanceinto a research subject or environment; it is far more more effective, with a minimum of adverse collateral reactions, when built without these potentially health-challenging aspects. The body has a 'window of response' in reguards to it receptiveness to or rejection of the energy level and resonance characteristics of the waveforms to which it may be exposed. For a page of past discussions on many technical aspects of how the EM+ systems differ from other equipment offered by other researchers today, and the topic of "Power Versus Effectiveness", and "When More Is Less", visit this DISCUSSION PAGE.)

The EM+ systems are a highly dynamic 'Resonant Radiant Plasma Frequency Generating Research Device', producing high energy resonant radiant plasma emissions. These systems are capable of producing all of the resonant frequencies commonly refered to as the "RIFE" frequencies, and do so by setting up a primary resonance within the plasma directly at those selected frequencies. This approach is observed to be highly effective in dynamically & effectively inducing those primary resonances into the subject. What is unique about this approach is that the EM+ Systems accomplish this without employing an RF carrier, and therefore are operated without the RF hazzards associated with other devices which utilize a modulated RF carrier mode of operation.

Further design and research projects employing pulsed magnetic approaches to inducing resonances have yielded very promising research reports.


What is it? Positively charged , extremely fine (Sub-microscopic) particles of pure silver, suspended in water.

What does it DO? Dr Robert Becker, M.D., a famous biomedical researcher from Syracuse University, and the author of several books, including "THE BODY ELECTRIC", recognized the connection between low levels of silver in the body, and disease; he said that silver deficiency is related to the improper functioning of the immune system.

He also goes on to relate, "All of the organisms that we tested were sensitive to the electrically generated silver ion, including some that were resistant to all known antibiotics." [ Over 650 ]

In reguards to the safety of Colloidal Silver, he has said, "In no case were any undesirable side effects of silver treatment apparent."

Alfred Searle, founder of the pharmaceutical company by that name, wrote in 1919 that "Applying Colloidal to human subjects has been done with astonishingly successful results. For internal administration, orally or hypodermically, it has the advantage of being rapidly fatal to parasites without toxic action on it's host."

Unfortunately, with the start of the heavy promotion of antibiotics by the drug companies in the 1940's, the effectiveness of Colloidal Silver was suppressed. (They couldn't make much money on a product which everyone is able to make for themselves, after all...).

You can make your own Colloidal Silver! Jump to the page below for more information.


HERE'S AN ARTICLE on a subject which should be of interest to all:


In 1989 the National Academy of Sciences estimated that 15% of the population was unusually sensitive to common chemicals. There is evidence that the number is rapidly growing. What was once referred to as "environmental illness", is now being recognized as "Multiple Chemical Sensitivity".

Since the end of WW2, chemicals have been thoroughly introduced into every area of our living and working environment. Many people, both young and old, are now being adversely affected by even casual exposure to all of the perfumes, fragrances, cleaning products, solvents, "air fresheners", as well as car and truck exhaust, and the constant low level exposures to the out-gassing of Formaldehyde by so many of the things by which most of us are surrounded. (Even that "new car smell" that you're supposed to relate to as the "smell of success" is a chemical byproduct deadly to many!)

One key message throughout this material is that REDUCED EXPOSURE can help avoid further sensitizing, allowing those already having some difficulties with MCS to continue to live relatively normal lives. Also included are the stories of people who's lives have been radically affected by an ever increasing sensitivity- people who, like many of us at an earlier time in our lives, didn't have these problems either....

If this has aroused your interest, click here to go to the Multiple Chemical Sensitivity article.




DISCLAIMER: (let's get this out of the way ): The material presented here is offered for informational and educational purposes only. It should not be considered as medical advice, or as a basis for diagnosis ; for that, please consult with your professional health practitioner.

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