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As humans, we live within an ocean of energy; but from a greater perspective in may be helpful to consider that we are really bio-energetic beings inhabiting a biological body.

Everything in our physical universe resonates- all atoms, molecules, and sub-atomic particles.

Yet one thing we also need to keep in mind is that over 90% of the mass & energy in our universe is "Dark Matter" and "Dark Energy"- matter and energy which we can't perceive or measure as we can physical matter and electrical energy. We can refer to this as the Universal Aether, or by many other terms & labels.

Some characterize aspects of these more subtle energies as "chi', "life force energy". Reich characterized an aspect of this ocean of subtle energy as "orgone energy".

Others speak of "ZPE, zero point energy", the un-manifested energy of the universe, and say that we can tap into and draw upon that energy, converting it into forms such as electric potential which we can then use.


Still others speak of an aspect of the un-manifested energy of the universe as "Tachion Energy".

"Earth Energy" is also spoken of- the energy fields of this planet upon which we live. There are also of energy flows referred to as "Ley Lines" and "Energy Vortexes". Some individuals are naturally more sensitive to / perceptive of these energy flows; others may simply need more practice in shifting their attention to these aspects of our universe. Practice.

Dan A. Davidson wrote a book in 1997 titled "Shape Power : A Treatise On How FORM Converts Universal Aether Into Electromagnetic And Gravitic Forces And Related Discoveries In Gravitational Physics"

"This book is the result of 35 years of personally funded research into finding how shapes and different materials convert universal aether into other forces and energies. Dan has broken the code on how the process works; how nature manifests form the virtual particle soup of the aether into matter...."

ISBN 0-9626321-5-5

"Shape Power" is the ability of multi-dimensional shapes to manipulate the local space energy.... I use the term 'aether' to denote the local space energy field which permeates all space and time. I prefer the term aether because it connotes a much broader concept than ZPE.

We are surrounded by natural and man-made shapes. From the remarkable geometry of the atomic and sub-atomic realm, to the symmetrical beauty of flowers and seashells, to the shape of planets and galaxies, we find a kaleidoscope of shape which defines, in an infinite number of ways, our miracle universe. All natural shapes are the result of natural forces at work and, as such, are tuned into these natural forces because they are prt of these forces.

...[In an earlier book] I devoted an entire chapter to the effects of geometrical shapes manipulating the aetheric field around them. The prime example of this is the ability of the pyramid shape to collect and focus aetheric energy.....

Every shape manipulates aether in some manner... Shape Power can be used to enhance your life, home, office, and your general well-being."

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Below: Two pendants laid on a 1" grid; the 1-5/16" diameter one on the left, and one of the larger 1-7/8" diameter pendants on the right; $125 each.

These pendants employ Shape Power dynamics to enhance your well-being; they have been created to synergisticly combine the energy manipulating dynamics of specially selected materials into an easy to wear form. These can be thought of as 'self-powered' creations, requiring no external source of power other than the universal  all-pervasive aether / orgone / tachion energy fields. Similar materials as those which are employed within the active core of the DORAS device are carefully selected and arranged in the geometry of each pendent to provide the desired dynamics. Various gemstones, crystals, and crystalline metallic minerals are selected to enhance and optimize these dynamic capabilities. At the core of each pendant is a specially dimensioned, shaped, crafted, and oriented sterling silver double helix coil with three sterling silver beads soldered in their places; the shape of this special coil has some very beneficial energy dynamics. High ETP organic resins are used to create each pendant individually.

After assembly, each device is run through an extensive process within my custom designed system, processing designed to first thoroughly clear any possible prior energetic imprints or programming. Then the activation / programming process progresses to facilitate the energetic dynamics  & ETP (energy transport / transformation potential) of each component/ arrangement operating synergisticly with all other components & aspects of this device. EMF protection / energetic transformation, Orgon / Tachion / ZPE energy transport / porting & transformation, PSI energy protection & projection, as well as bio-energetic field energizing & strengthening and promotion of well-being, including aspects of bio-energetic re-balancing and re-paterning.

A 26" or 28" light chain is included with each pendant; ideally, this pendant is worn over the heart chakra. It can also be carried in a pocket- within the body's bio-energetic field. I take mine off at night, placing it on the nightstand close to my head. (Some choose to wear them day and night.)

The smaller pendant on the left above has an ETP reading of 16,200; the larger pendant on the right has an ETP reading of 16,765

ETP is my term for "Energy Transfer / Transformation Potential; please refer to the Dowsing page for further information on this dynamic capability assessment methodology.

For reference, a premium double-terminated quartz crystal, a good emerald, or a tourmaline crystal may typically have an ETP rating of up to 10,200. Topaz has been tested at up to an ETP or 10,300. Dioptase Crystals can have an ETP rating of up to 10,430 (based specimens I've tested.) The charts I use in this testing are included in the dowsing section of this website.

For further reference, a DORAS I created was recently tested, in 'passive mode' to function at an ETP of 16,950; while operating in the 'active' scalar wave generating mode, that DORAS has  an ETP rating of 17,200 (or above).

" Bio-energetic field re-balancing: according to some researchers, your bio-energetic field is a field of energy and information that both surrounds and also interpenetrates your body. It is made up of a combination of electromagnetic energy which can be measured, along with subtle energies (sometimes called chi, orgone, life force energy, etc.) which cannot. Proponents of  bio-energetic field re-balancing say that it is a vital energy that both animates our body and powers our daily existence. They say that when our biofield becomes unbalanced through the daily stresses of life it negatively impacts your sense of well-being. This pendant is designed to energize and re-balance your bio-energetic field,  and restore you to optimal function. It is designed to transform adverse energeric influences into benign or beneficial influences."

For information on the DORAS, the Dynamic ORgone Active Shield, click here.




For the page listing some of the specialized minerals and crystalline metallic ores & materials which I collect and use in designing the devices I've created, such as the DORAS and Pendants offered here. At this time, I am not offering these materials for sale; I may possibly do so again in the future. Many of these materials are available from other sources; for further info CLICK HERE.

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