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While I have not been offering these materials for sale for ahile, I am leaving this page up for information purposes. I do have a lot of the pyrite on hand- email me if you're interested.




Collected by myself (and my wife Mary) from a variety of locations in the mountains of Colorado


Melody Writes, on page 179 of "Love Is In The Earth":

"This mineral releases electrical impulses when placed under pressure, and is an energy amplifier."

"It is useful in multi-directional energy distribution; it appears that the energy, which is directed inward towards the central fources of the mineral, separates and returns at double the intensity. It brings forth a polarizing prismatic energy, which engenders a spectrum of energy to clear and to activate all of the chakras."

"Placement of the various colors of calcite upon the body has induced ampilfication of one's energy field."

Here's a sampling of some of the variety of the calcite I am able to collect and offer; most shown in the photo above is the clear variety, with some variants in color also being collected occasionally. This Calcite is being offered for $5.00 per pound.

Above is one of the larger specimens of the orangeish brown calcite material- (possibly the variety called Aragonite?). I am offering this coloration of Calcite for $5.00 per pound (plus shipping).


Melody Writes, on page 570 of "Love Is In The Earth":

"It emits a calming cooling energy which can work on all of the chakras to gently remove negativity..."

Rose quartz is especially helpful at the locations of the heart and crown chakras... It has been known as a 'stone of gentle love.'

It provides for a balance of Yin-Yang energy and can attune each chakra to, and provide each chakra with, the proper frequency of energy vibration.

Rose quartz ranges from soft pink to golden white in color; above is a sampling of the soft pink colored Rose Quartz that I can offer, personally selected and collected by me from one of my 'special places' here in the Colorado Rockies. ($5.00 per pound)


Melody Writes, on page 193 of "Love Is In The Earth":

CHALCEDONY : (a member of the quartz family with many forms, various labels / names used by different people)

"It was used as a sacred stone by the native americans, promoting stability within the ceremonial activities of the tribes. It has been successfully used to provide a pathway for receiving thought transmissions.

Chalcedony is useful for balancing the energy of the body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

It is a stone to encourage brotherhood among all. It enhances generosity, responsiveness, and receptivity."

FLINT: (page 275) " This mineral is an excellent choice for use in activities related to thought transferece; one may transfer information, ideas, and loving emotional messages to another and receive, in return, the touching interpersonal experiences of the energy of the universe."

"It can help to relieve shyness and to promote both intimate and personal experiences."

Above is a photo of some smaller pieces of the chalcedony / chert ('flint') which I have personally collected and which I can offer; much of it is the golden brown color, while some has coloring going into the reds, and some into the chocolate browns, as shown here. This material is available for $5.00 per pound. (Available)


Hunted For & Gathered High In The Colorado Rockies


Some Of this Pyrite is solid, while much of it is in chunks composed of finer granular crystals, (with a bit of fine grained quartz as the other material present.) This is not "specimin grade" massive crystals; (look in your rock and mineral collector's stores or gem & mineral shows for those, and expect to pay for what you get.) This is what I'd consider good 'industrial grade'; it's the best I've been able to find for use in my HHGs and Cloudbusters, in the way of close to pure Pyrite. Most of this can be broken down into finer granulations with a hammer on a solid surface reasonably easily. (You get to reduce it to the size you desire.)


(Mark Hooten's comment on Pyrite:) - this draws in powerful universal energies & emits them in a form nurturing to life. It produces a powerful shield from all forms of negativity, working on both physical & etheric levels, especially against pollutants. Because pyrite is basically one of the few truly crystalline metals, and harmonizes so well with orgone energies, resonating as it does with its atoms perfectly laid out in geometric fashion; at least a sprinkle of it should be added to every orgone device made! It is virtually magical in the way it works.

Here's a photo of my very basic "rock reducing" setup; I have a scrap piece of angle iron set inside a shallow cardboard box (to keep pieces from leaving the scene!) The hammer shown is one I have on hand; it doesn't take an overly large hammer to break down these pieces from the size at which they're collected, into finer pieces in sizes of your choice.

I've spent many days over the last few summers revisiting some of my old haunts, searching for good usable material. This is material I'll be using myself in assembling my creations. How does it compare energetically with crushing down specimen grade material? I have the impression that a given quantity (ounce, pound, whatever quantity you'd like to compare) when reduced down in size as some suggest, should be about 93% of the maximum that's possible... which is very suitable for my purposes, since I'll likely just use a bit more of it.

How much should you use? That can vary to your own preferences and guidance; I get the feeling that as little as .6 pounds will add to the dynamics of a CB, and as little as .2 pounds (or less) added to the other materials in an average sized HHG may suffice. Some have spoken of 'sprinkeling in a half handful' into their CB as they put it together. (More may add to the dynamics; follow your own intuition and guidance on this.) The same individual also speculated on the possibility of using all metallic crystalline materials instead of the metal shavings. I've done this myself on most of the orgonite devices I've made, as well as incorporating various copper coils (and occasionally using silver coils for special purpose creations.)

As of March 2006, I'm still well stocked and able to offer Pyrite chunks from my current supply at $4.00 per pound, plus shipping.


This Magnetite bearing ore was collected originally for it's high pyrite content. The material from this particular formation also contains a lot of natural crystalline magnetite. The photo above shows a strong magnet that I'd placed in a small plastic bag, then lowered into a container of this material. You can see that many chunks of the pyritic magnetite bearing ore are holding solidly onto the magnet in the bag! (I actually use a special tool I made, employing a strong magnet mounted on a handle, to collect the pieces that I'll pack on my back, making my way back down from the collection site, which is at about 12,000 feet elevation. If it does not have enough magnetite to be picked up, the piece stays up there!)

The miners who originally worked back into this formation in the past were mining for gold and silver in this area. Traces of gold, Argentite (Crystalline Silver Sulfide), as well as Sphalerite (Crystalline Zinc Sulfide) and Galena (Crystalline Silver and Lead Sulfides) are all possibly included in some of this material, all in a quartz matrix material. (Out of stock)



-(Mark Hooten's Comment)" Facilitates grounding and balancing of earth-energies.

Here are some excerpts from Melody's Book, "Love Is In The Earth"

"This mineral temporarily aligns the chakras, the subtle bodies, and the meridians of the physical and etheric bodies. It can be used to dispel grief, fear, anger, and attachment."

"Magnetite provides for a connection between the user and the nurturing aspects of the Earth, facilitating grounding and balancing between these bodies. The grounding cord, usually running from the base of the spine to the core of the Earth, is strengthened; hence, all manners of situations are afforded protection, and the environment of a healer during healing situations is provided further protection and stability."

"It brings tenacity, durability, and endurance, assisting in the magnification of the answers necessary to remove one from situations which are unwanted. It enables one to project ones mind, and to view things from a distance."

Magnetite is a "stone of stability" and can be used to attract love. It has been quite instrumentasl in activities of manifestation, catching "things" like a net and allowing one to secure that which is desired."

"It also assists in balancing the emotions with the intellect, in encouraging the trust of ones intuition, and in producing mental clarity with respect to the determination of the additional minerals which would be beneficial to ones life."

"It can be used in the treatment of disorders of the bone structure, hair, skin, blood vessels, and the flesh. It has also been used in the treatment of nose bleed. It can help one to "attract" the healing energies necessary for recovery from disorders."

SILVER (+Quartz +Pyrite) ORE

I also have some good rich metallic crystalline ore, with quite a bit of pyrite in a quartz matrix. This was collected from a location back up a steep valley in the silver mining country that I first traveled over 25 years ago.


Here are some excerpts from Melody's Book, "Love Is In The Earth", page 602-603

"The occurance of Silver within a quartz crystal is not only beautiful, but rare. If one is fortunate enough to become an earth keeper for a quartz crystal containing silver, the uses are extensive. The properties of Silver and the properties of the quartz crystal are combined to produce "dynamite" results."

"It assists in increasing perception and helps to regulate the emotional and the intuitive energies."

Silver is used extensively with gem stones because the metal is able to both attract and retain, unto itself,those qualities which are emitted by the stone. The silver provides a steadying influence for the jewel."

It is used to direct the energy of other minerals to the appropriate location; the maleability of silver is conducive to causing energies to bend, and to even become circular,such that the vital energy centers can be concurrently opened, stimulated, cleared, and activated."

"It can draw forth negativity from the body while transferring the positive forces of the other mineral; hence, it performs as a balancing agent."

"Silver helps to cleanse the body via the pores, and to eliminate toxins at the cellular level."

ARGENTITE : Additional Characteristics

Here are some excerpts from Melody's Book, "Love Is In The Earth", page 130-131

"In addition to the properties of Silver, Argentite also stimulates the augmentation of beneficial change in ones life, bringing the energy of action without reaction and a clear purpose for advancement."

This mineral is one of alteration, bringing altered states readily, altered conditions when one desires such, and altered requirements to ones being."

"It helps to show one that which is internal to the self and to others with respect to emotional, physical, and intellectual circumstances. It can draw forth negativity from these centers while transferring the positive forces of another mineral to same; hence, performing as a balancing agent."

"Argentite has been used in the treatment of cellular disorders, tumors, and bone structure, and to increase the T-Cell count. It has also been used to increase the stability of the body and the organs of the body, to cleanse the body of toxins, and to assist in the equilibration of the pulse and heart rates."

"It has also been used as an activation stone in the preparation of elixers. The softness of this mineral precludes its use in the normal method of preparation of an elixer."

This material was gathered from a rich silver mineing area, and this material is likely to include Argentite, and Pyrite, with possibilities of some Sphalerite, and possibly some Galena. Unfortunately, as of December 2007, I am no longer offering this material for sale; I'm saving what I have for my own projects.


I've recently managed to collect some of this material from another Colorado location, containing primarily Sphalerite with some Galena. I'll sell some of it at $5.00 per pound plus shipping. (In stock on December 5th, 2007)

The Sphalerite in the pieces shown in the photo below is the yellowish-black crystalline material; the weathered / oxidized galena is the charcoal grey, which will be a bright silvery color when scraped or broken, and typically has a cubical cleavage.

BKS Note: When Mark Hooten spoke / wrote of metallic crystalline materials in correspondence, I also immediately flashed on three others that I can gather, Argentite (Silver Sulfide), Galena (Lead & Silver sulfides in varying proportions, depending upon the formations it's coming from) and Sphalerite (Zinc Sulfide.) All naturally occur in a crystalline form, typically in a quartz matrix, and also combined with a fair amount of fine grained Iron Pyrite in some places.

Melody's book "Love Is In The Earth" (Volume one of the 4 book set) confirms the beneficial nature of each of these metallic crystalline materials. While I'm not as sensitive to feeling energy as some of my friends (I'm still working on that - grin) I can definitely feel the energy already within these pieces!

From Melody's book, "Love Is In The Earth", here's an excerpt about Galena:


..... "This mineral can be used to provide grounding and to enhance the centering of one's energies. It helps to open the pathway between the physical and ethereal bodies in order to allow for the alignment of energies and the stimulation of the nervous system.

It is a "stone of harmony", stimulating interaction on all levels, and assisting in the decrease of self-limiting ideas.

It is quite helpful for those studying the field of medicine and can promote holistic, homeopathic, and herbal medicine studies, providing insights and, when required, the skepticism to induce further testing."

(She also mentions properties of stimulating circulation, hair growth...)

The "Harmonizing" properties seem to be what comes out as of possible use in some applications, particularly in HHGs for health promoting purposes. It comes across to me as being able to be used to promote the functioning of psionic devices... again, focused intent is an intimate part of the implementation, once some of the possibilities are understood.

Of interest: Galena crystals were the crystal used in early 'crystal radios'; a 'cat's whisker' wire was positioned against a point on the surface of the crystal to form the 'crystal diode' signal detector... the Galena crystal actually was the main signal receiving/ detecting element in these radios, and could be used to listen to radio broadcasts.... This capability is likely part of it's characteristics that make it useful in energy work.


[ Again, I'll offer brief excerpts from Melody's Book, "Love Is In The Earth"; I recommend you get this book if your interests lie here!]

" This mineral can be used to balance both the male and female aspects of the personality;..."

"Sphalerite promotes the regognition of treachery and deceit." ..."This stone can enhance one's intuitive qualities, allowing for the distinction between fraudulent and genuine information. It can also provide for the growth of ones psychic abilities and to encourage one to "be one's own psychic".

"It can also provide for protection from negative forces which may be present when dealing with the public."


Here are some excerpts from page 441 of Melody's book, "Love Is In The Earth"

"Obsidian is an excellent grounding stone and provides for a connection from the base of the spine to the heart of the Earth. It is an excelent protective stone, stabilizing internal and external energies and gently protecting one from that which could bring physical and/or emotional harm."

"It provides a shield against negativity, transforming negative vibrations within an environment. Carrying/wearing obsidian further disperses those unloving thoughts which arise from within the self, or are directed towards one's physical form."

"It is quite useful in healing, providing both the healer and subject with clarity with respect to both the cause and the amelioration of the dis-ease."


"The following properties of Apache Tears are in addition to those listed for Obsidian."

"It has been used to comfort in times of grief... allowing for true understanding of the situation of distressin order to provide insight and acceptance."

"It provides an energy to stimulate analytical capabilities and precision. It also promotes a forgiving attitude and a release of grievances which have been held against another. The Apache Tear stimulates spontaneity and facilitates the removal of barriers which are self-limiting."


"Black Obsidian induces creativity in all endeavors; it vibrates to the number 3."

Now Available: Miniature Apache Tears I've colected from high in the Colorado Rockies

Above is a photo of some really nice, miniature black obsidian "Apache Tears " which I've personally collected from a site high in the Colorado Rockies, about an hour away from home. These are as large as they form in this particular formation. I find these miniature specimens are very good to incorporate into more compact orgonite creations, pendants, wands, or wire wrap jewelry. I'll share some from my collection, similar to those shown in the photo above, at $10.00 for 100 pieces, from 1/8" up to 1/4" maximum size. (In stock on March 1, 2006)



(Mark Hooten's comment) -"These work very similar to amethyst, but are perhaps a little stronger. They especially function (in orgone generating devices) to both monitor & adjust the flow of energy, providing a balanced field."


According to Melody, on page 290 of "Love Is In The Earth",

"Garnet is a "Stone Of Health", extracting negative energy from the chakras, and transmuting the energy to the beneficial state."

It acts with speed due to the flash of lightning contained within, helping one to change one's world by producing both expansiveness in awareness and manifestation. It enhances one's internal fire, bringing the creative powers to the stage of implementation. "

"The Garnet balances and stimulates the movement of the Kundalini. It stimulates from both the base and crown chakras to provide for free flow of movement, via the spinal column and the inner pathway of light, helping to distribute the appropriate amount of light to each portion of the body. It provides a stable connection between the physical and the etherial nervous systems, energizing the total system to vitality. It etherically controls and dispenses the amount of energy that is best for the system. It also allows one to flow with the energies available."

It both monitors and adjusts the flow of energy, providing for a balanced energy field around the physical body and aligning the emotional and intellectual bodies with the perfection of "All That Is".

..."The Garnet provides a protective influence and a calming stable vitality during use."

[Almandine Garnet] inspires during times of contemplation, engendering peace, and balancing the time allotted for solitude."

"It represents profound love, stimulates physical vitality, and provides for energizing and opening the path between the base and crown chakras."

"It allows one to both access and integrate truth, providing the affinity to the higher self and the universal will; the resultant knowledge and subsequent "knowing", bringing forth the understanding that the end of one's world is not destruction, but, indeed, the inculcation of perfect order."

"It initiates charitable actions, and provides for connection with the higher intellect."

"It has been used in the treatment of heart disorders,to stimulate the inner cellular structure of the eyes, and to treat the liver and the pancreas. It can strengthen the proper functioning of the body to the depths of the cells, and can help to promote action toward regeneration."

I've previously obtained some rough natural Almandine Garnets, as shown in the photo above, so I'm able to sell some of the roughly pea sized ( roughly about 1/4" across maximum) ones for 100 for $10.00 (In stock on December 2007)


(from loohan, reguarding the Almandine Garnets I'd sent to him...)

Well, Bruce, they arrived today. "They are actually a good bit more expensive per volume than the tiny tumbled ones I can get, but the vibe is way superior. I've never felt garnet energy like this. Must be some superior mineral composition."

Feedback: Thanks Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2003 From: "dodeca"

"Hi Bruce, Got your package last Tues. and only had a chance to quickly check it out. My initial impression was very favorable." .....

" Finally sat down tonight and played with everything for awhile. Everything has a nice blue violet field around it, and I believe it was the silver/pyrite and magnetite that also have a golden yellow color. I really like this stuff and can't wait to use it on my next pour. The garnet for its size has a nice extended field and like the feel of it...."

..." I'll keep you posted on my impressions after my next pour. Thanks and take care," R


Date: Mon, 5 Apr 2004

hi Bruce,

i've received the shipment, ... all the specimens seem to be quite intact.

THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL SIR, THANK YOU. i can't bare to part with some of the pieces seriously.

the rose quartz you've collected is simply stunning sir. i wish i can get more from you in the near future.


sir i'm very attracted to the flints, do they come in other formations/colours? thank you again sir for giving such nice big calcite pieces :-) STUNNING i must say.

hope to buy from you again soon.

**JAN. 17th, 2007: The materials listed above are available now (until they're sold out- then I'll arrange to collect more as/ when possible. With deep winter cloaking the high Rocky Mountains, these materials will not be able to be collected again until well into summer; two of these three sources are well above 11,000 feet! :>)

For information on the DORAS, the Dynamic ORgone Active Shield, click here.

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For further info, email inquiries to: stenulson@amigo.net or call Bruce at 719-836-2489. Weekday mornings are generally the best time to find me home and answering the phone.

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If you're looking for copper beads (and other metal beads) for your use, HREF="http://www.lilaproductions.com/SITE/BEADS/copper.html">check out LILA PRODUCTIONS for their current prices


Being Chemically sensaitive, I can't work with Polyester resins (normal Fiberglassing resins) so I started searching for a good source of high quality Epoxy resins.

Here's a reasonably priced source of epoxy : U.S. Composites The 635 Thin Epoxy with the medium rate hardener is my choice for most purposes. They also have sets of the measuring / dispensing pumps at good prices, too.


If you're interested in ordering Melody's book, "Love is in the Earth" directly from AMAZON.COM, just CLICK ON THIS LINK. There are actually several book in this series- very useful resources!


[More notes from Mark Hooten:] Here is a simple explanation of some of the other minerals and crystals commonly used in Orgonite devices / creations:


- This is first & foremost the primary mineral for producing an effective orgone field. While a simple mix of resin & metals does produce an orgone field in itself, without the addition of quartz xtals, the field will not project very far. It's kinda like the orgonite mix is making the volts or watts or whatever, but it's the quartzes that give it amperage!

The main properties of quartz is that they amplify, focus, and transform energies. Every time an etheric energy field is passed thru a quartz, it becomes greatly enhanced.


- this is simply quartz which has been colored a purple hue by the suffusion of the mineral manganese. Its main attribute is that it facilitates the transmutation of lower energies into the higher frequencies of etheric levels. It also provides a connection between the earth & sky, as well as other worlds.


- Like amethyst, this is simply another form of quartz, but in this case the yellow coloring comes from the suffusion of ancient organic hydrocarbons! (Except in the case of the citrines which are artificially created by heating amethyst to a high temperature, creating the color change...these are often passed on as true citrines, but really should be called burnt amethysts. Although they do seem to function in a very similar way to citrine, their effects are simply not as profound.) The most interesting aspect of true citrine is that it is one of only two known stones that simply will not hold or accumulate negative energies, but transmutes them to a purified form. I really consider these important elements in orgone devices.


- this was considered the crystal of potency by the ancients, and resonates 'octaves' higher than quartz. The energies of topaz transcend both space & time, and also effectively raises the height an orgone field reaches because of this property.


- Its chemical composition is FeO3, the O3 being the basis of orgone. is a powerful facilitator of the creation of that force. It balances earth-energies to achieve an equilibrium, transforming negativity into universal light.

LOOHAN has also offered a great page on Mineral Info; you can access it by clicking here.

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If you are looking for tone generator software that can generate sine waves to resolutions of 1/10 of a Hertz, in an easy pop up window, I'll offer this zipped copy of the 1998 version of the NCH tone Generator; it was available free for non-commercial purposes when I first downloaded it about three years ago, and it's still my favorite version. It will run on Windows 3.1, and on WIN95/98/? Click here to save this "NCH Toner" Zip file; then unzip it to a directory of your choice, and run the nchtoner.exe file.

It's ultimately simple to use; just type in the frequency you want to run in the box at the top of the small pop-up window, select the waveform shape desired (sine) and click the START button. The tone / frequency will be coming out through the output jack on your sound card, going to your PC speakers.

On a laptop computer with a full sound system, the tones are played on the speakers, or optionally go to the headphone / external speaker jack.

Are you interested in learning more about how shape / form affects energy flows? I'd recommend finding a copy of Dan A. Davidson's book, "SHAPE POWER".

Here's a brief review of this book:

This treatise on how form converts universal aether into electromagnetic and gravitic forces and related discoveries in gravitational physics is the result of 35 years of personally funded research. Dan has broken the code on how the process works... how nature manifests from the virtual particle soup of the aether into matter. The unified field theory which puts all this into perspective, complete with the mathematical physics and a morphology of atomic structure, is defined in this work, establishing the embryonic basis for a new branch of physics and chemistry. The implications of the breakthrough discoveries elucidated in this book have far reaching implications in every area of our lives.

"Shape power" is the ability of multi-dimensional shapes to manipulate the "aether"--the local space energy field which permeates all space and time. The aether as a term and a concept is not currently accepted in academic circles because the aether was supposedly disproved back in the early part of this century by the Michaelson-Morley experiment. Flaws in the experiment caused new experiments to be run which indicated the existence of the aether. The orthodox physics community has not formally accepted these results. However, research in the last 20 years has brought the aether back in a new guise called zero point energy (ZPE).

We are surrounded by natural and man-made shapes. From the remarkable geometry of the atomic and sub-atomic realm, to the symmetrical beauty of flowers and seashells, to the shape of planets and galaxies, we find a kaleidoscope of shape which defines, in an infinite number of ways, our miracle universe. All natural shapes are the result of natural forces at work and, as such, are tuned into these natural forces because they are a part of these forces.

Dan first used the term Shape Power" in his first book on free energy... "Energy:Breakthroughs to New Free Energy Devices". At that time he devoted an entire chapter to the effects of geometrical shapes manipulating the aetheric field around them. The prime example of this is the ability of the pyramid shape to collect and focus aetheric energy. Numerous books have been written on "pyramid energy" and pyramids have gone and still go through various stages of fad within the new-age circles.

The ability of pyramid energy to cause various effects is well documented. Every shape manipulates aether in some manner. A cone is an example of an infinite sided pyramid and as such will do many of the same things which a simple pyramid does. The American Indian teepee is an example of a near conic shape which has many of the same energy effects as the pyramid.

This book will explore how different shapes manipulate the aether and how Shape Power can be used by you to enhance your life, your home, office, and your general well being.

This book is offered at the Teslatech.info web site book store for $19.95 plus S&H.

For information on my MagPulse Wands, which implement an Orgonite core, click here. Also included on that page are various driver units, which can also be used to drive Mobius Coils, the 'Succor Punch', as well as various 'active mode' psionic devices.

Note: The DORAS and the MagPulse Wands are presently the main 'active mode orgonite' items I offer to make for others; (my sensitivities to even epoxy resin fumes leads me to minimize my own exposure to resin outgassing fumes as much as possible.)

For CBs & HHGs, etc., I'll refer you for now to the individuals who's web sites are linked below. (I may offer more of my creations in the future; please check back. Thanks for your understanding & support!

For extensive information on "Coilitology", please click here to visit Loohan's excellent web site!

Visit Wizzer's Workshop for Jon Logan's article "An Introduction to Orgonite". His links page has a wide variety of links to related web sites and discussion groups and forums; rather than building my own Orgone / Orgonite / Radionics / Psionics links page, I'll refer you to that section of Jon's site for now.

Mark & Suze Hooten are another pair of "Orgonite Creation Engineers" who have offered some very useful information in the field of Orgonite device design; They now also work together with Ben Morton, and together offer a web site with lots of good information, and an offering of their Orgonite creations. (Jerry Morton's material is also accessible here.) You can visit their website by clicking here.


Military tankers spraying fine particles into our atmosphere- a 'secret' operation intended only as a 'solar shield'; there are direct links to health problems and deaths, as well as drought being caused by this massive spraying process. Here's the story form NEXUS Magazine- very unsettling!

For an ever-expanding collection of related information, including material on the subjects of "Chembusters" which are being deployed to counteract the Chemtrails, "Holy Hand Grenades", "Tower Busters', as well as extensive information on how they are being made and deployed, and other "ORGONITE" applications and implementations, you might want to visit educate-yourself.org. You may find the narratives of the exploits of Don & Carol Croft & friends entertaining at the least, and possibly more than a bit inspirational. You can pursue this field further through links available from this web site.

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