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Material last added to this page on September 23rd, 2016
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Above- Bruce flying a powered paraglider quad with the Mac Para CHARGER Reflex Wing 9-21-2016

Photo above by Mary Stenulson

Photos below taken on September 21st, 2016 ; The Aspens of South Park going into full color

Above- A Pilot's eye view of the Fairplay area & The Mosquito Range in the Distance

Above- A closer look at Fairplay from above with Silverheels to the right

Above- Redhill & Reinecker ridges run down through the middle of South Park. This view is looking East from near Fairplay with Pike's Peak on the skyline at the left.

Above- A view from over the NE edge of Foxtail Heights looking west towards Warm Springs to the left and Foxtail Pines on the right with the Mosquito Range in the background.

Above- Looking north from just East of Fairplay towards Silverheels Mountain, Redhill Pass, with the Front Range in the distance.

Above- Looking to the south across South Park from a viewpoint just east of Fairplay. Round Hill and the Buffalo Beaks are on the right with the 14'ers of the Sagauche Range in the distance.

Above- Looking NE form a viewpoint just east of Fairplay towards Redhill Ridge, Reinecker Ridge, and the Lost Creek Wilderness Area in the distance.

Photos below taken on August 14th, 2016

Above- Fairplay & the view beyond to the southeast

Above- Lower Beaver Creek & Silverheels

Above- Flying Over Beaver Ridge & to the NW towards Hoosier Pass

Above- Alma in the valley of the middle fork of the South Platte River with the Mosquito Range beyond. The peaks in view here from Right to left are Mount Bross's southern shoulder, then Mount Buckskin at 13,865', then Loveland mountain at 13,691', then Mosquito Peak at 13,781', then London Mountain at 13,194', then in the foreground is Pennsylvania mountain at 13,006'. Mount Evans at 13,577 and Dyer Mountain at 13,855 feet are just behind Pennsylvania Mountain. Next is the top of Gemini Peak at 13,951', then Mount Sherman at 14,036', mount Sheridan at 13,748', Peerless Mountain at 13,348', and Horseshoe Mountain at 13,898'

Above- High Park on Beaver Ridge east of Alma with the Mosquito Range in the background

Above- Climbing towards Hoosier Pass Over CO Hwy. 9

Above- View From Over Hoosier Pass looking to the south

Above- These are the peaks of the Northern Mosquito Range from left to right: Mount Bross at 14,172', Mount Lincoln at 14,286'; then back at the head of Platte Gulch are Traver Peak at 13,852, McNamee Peak at 13,790', anc Clinton Peak at 13,857'. To te right of Platte Gulch are Wheeler Mountain at 13,690 and North Star Mountain at 13,500'. Fletcher Mountain at 13,951' is in the background between Wheeler Mountain and The tall peak in the foreground on the right which is Quandry Peak 14,265'. The top of Pacific Peak at 13,950' is behind Quandry Peak's right shoulder at the far right of this photo. This photo was taken from a viewpoint of roughly 13000 feet on the north side of the continental divide and north of Hoosier Pass.

Above- From high over 11,555 foot Hoosier Pass, this is the spectacular view to the north into Summit County with Lake Dillon in the distance; (forest fire smoke limits clarity in these long-view shots.) On the right in this photo is the shoulder of Red Peak at 13,215'. In the center on the skyline are the mountains of the Williams Fork range.

Above- Looking NE from above Hoosier Pass; Hoosier Ridge at 13,287' is to the left in the foreground with 13,822 foot high Mount Silverheels to the right; this photo was also taken from ~13,000 feet

Above- GPS Reading of 13,016 Feet Elevation at this point; later it reach a peak reading of 13,299 feet. (A calibration check after the flight at a known elevation showed it was reading about 11 feet high during the flight.)

Above- The Alma Placer- still in operation producing gold. The extensive settling ponds are used to avoid contaminating the Middle Fork of the Platte River's water.

Above- The Snowstorm Placer (between Alma and Fairplay) runs a sand and gravel operation and is still producing gold.

Above- The Snowstorm Dredge is still in place on the Snowstorm Placer Property. The structure is still fairly intact; much of the internal equipment has been removed. It is no longer an operational dredge.


Photos below taken on August 9th, 2016

Above: In the foreground are the Buffalo Peaks; the left shoulder is at just over 13,000 feet- the two main peaks are over 13,300'. Most of the peaks of the Collegiate range in the distance in this photo are over 14,000 feet in that range. This is an awesome viewpoint, to say the least!

Above: Looking northwest along the east flank of the Mosquito Range. Sheep mountain is in the foreground to the right at ~12,818 feet with mount Shrerman just behind it to it's left with a summit at 14,036 feet. Mount Sheridan at 13, 748' and then Horseshoe Mountain at 13,898' are the two visible peaks to the left (south) of Mount Sherman. To the north of Mount Sherman is Gemini Peak at 13,951'.

Above: This is the skyline looking towards Hoosier Pass, 11,555 feet - the lower saddle at the center on the skyline. Left of Hoosier pass are Mount Quandry (14,265'), then Mount Lincoln (14,286') barely peeking out from behind Mount Bross (14,172'), then Mount Democrat (14,148')more to the left. To the right of Hoosier pass is Mount Silverheels at 13,822'.

This photo is taken from high up over Round Hill looking back across Warm Springs towards Foxtail Pines with Fairplay in the distance; Hoosier pass is again on the skyline just left of center.

Above & Below: August 2016: This is A PPG Pilot's Viewpoint while flying over South Park

The following sequence of photos shows the preparation and launch of a powered paraglider Quad.

Above- Laying out the wing oriented into the breeze & tensioning out the lines for a good inflation

Above- Warming up motor while getting set to takeoff; final pre-flight checks

Above- Power just applied, starting to inflate the wing & roll forward

Above- Stabilizing wing while checking it, looking up as I build forward speed

Above After seeing that the wing is looking fine overhead, I'm accellerating to full power to increase speed

Above- Full power on as front wheels are just lifting off

Above- Climbing out nicely under full power; pulling some on the left control line to initiate a gradual left turn

Above- Continuing good climbout attitude while holding the gradual left turn

Above- Bruce cruising by in the Powered Paraglider, flying the Mac Para Muse 3 wing (Photo By Mary)

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