The SUMO + G

My rendition of the SUMO, with modifications and added lightweight landing gear

Design in EPP and Bluecor PP Foam by Bruce K. Stenulson; First flights in December of 2007

This page was last updated on November 14th, 2008; thanks for visiting!

More information, and some basic plans and build sequence notes will be added soon as time allows.

Above: the SUMO+G



update: Below are the cutting templates for my SUMO + G, traced from the aircraft as I am flying it in late 2008. They are laid out over a 1" grid cutting mat so that you can get the dimensions from it, and reproduce your own. The wing's main panel is not shown; it's simply a rectangle 28" x 6-1/4" with the prop slot cut out to match where it's located on the upper and lower fuselage. My ailerons are 3" wide, while my rudder and elevator are 2-3/4" wide.

Below is the tail template that gets joined to the wing after the flat CF spar is glued in place. I cut my ailerons, elevator, and rudder from Bluecor, as it's stiffer & firmer than EPP, and has been holding up well. These templates show the main changes from the origional stock SUMO plans.

Below is a side view of the lower part of the SUMO + G, showing how the aircraft is finished out. It's presently flying at 8-3/8 ounces when using a 2S 900 mAH LiPo Battery.

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