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My name is Bruce Stenulson; I live in the central Colorado Rockies near Fairplay, Colorado at an elevation of 10,280 feet.

I am a charter member, and held the office of President, of the South Park Area RC Society, an AMA Chartered Club based in Fairplay, Colorado from late 1992 through 1996. In 1997, I've dropped back to being the club's chief Contest Director, and will sanctoin at least two flying events this year. I also continue research into the flight characteristics of airfoils and certain aircraft design characteristics at high altitudes, especially at 12,000 feet and above. My observations will continue to be posted to these web pages periodicly; please stop back by once in a while to see what's new.

There are quite a few RC Fliers up here in the Colorado Rockies; the air is downright breath-taking for many, along with the scenery!

The following are essentially photo essays on RC flying here in the Colorado Rockies. Since the images can get to be a bit slow to download, I've split these up into these groups or subjects:

Slope Flying Sites and Gliders

High Altitude Float Flying Sites and Float Planes

Winter Flying Sites and Activities

Some Of My Origional Designs for Aircraft and Accessories

Most of the photos in this section were scanned from color photos on an Epson Color flatbed scanner; some have suffered from being resized after conversion into the JPEG File format. Future additions will be generated by the OLYMPUS D-300L digital camera, which is capable of some excellent photos for web publishing purposes.

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